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Duchess Catherine and Prince George love to bake together

Our favourite cheeky little prince loves making a mess in the kitchen.

By Chloe Lal
The Duchess of Cambridge revealed that her eldest loves to help out in the kitchen, even if he makes a huge mess!
The 34-year-old candidly spoke to teens during a visit at the Youthscape project in Luton, England, on Wednesday, August 24.
Chatting away to the kids, the mum-of-two was impressed by their baking skills.
Watch Wills and Kate dish into the teens' yummy baked goods in the video. Post continues below...
Catherine, taking a bite of the chocolate goodness, revealed her cheeky monkey George creates chaos in the kitchen.
"So, what are you making? This smells seriously good," she asked about a chocolate rice crispy creation.
"What are you putting in? Is this just chocolate? Golden syrup? Good, good."
The stylish royal, donning her beloved blue and white L.K. Bennett dress, admitted, “When I try to do this with George at home, chocolate and the golden syrup goes everywhere!"
"He makes so much mess. It’s chaos.”
The topic of George and food came up again, when William and Catherine went to CHUMS, a bereavement counseling service for young adults in Bedfordshire, and Keech hospice.
Suzanne Dow, who has a child suffering from a life-threatening illness, described meeting Catherine as “awesome” adding that she was very "empathetic".
“[Kate] said, 'George likes his spaghetti as well, he'd love to get messy!’,” she recalled to reporters.
Talk show host James Corden was so proud of his sister, Ruth, who chatted to the royals about mental health.
Sharing a chuckle with her prince.
The couple, who made their first appearance since their holiday, were clearly at ease at the Luton based event.
Once again, royal well-wishers were delighted with how Wills and Kate happily shared details of their private lives.
Earlier this year Catherine got onto the topic of cooking, admitted at a gala that she does most of it at home.
Jokingly she mused, "William has to put up with my cooking most of the time!" Not missing a beat, William quipped, "It's the reason I'm so skinny."
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Last year, former royal family cook, Carolyn Robb, explained to Racked why the future Queen adores running her household.
“They have a small household and can fend for themselves. They’ll probably want to do that for as long as they can. Have a normal family life because that will really change when you have butlers and nannies and cooks around, the house is no longer your own.”
Going into more detail, Princess Diana's former chef said, "Kate does quite a lot of the cooking at the moment. You have to remember that she’s not royal."
“She comes from a normal background and a normal home where she’s always cooked for herself.”
George loves spending time with his mummy, and the princess loves teaching him to bake!
Catherine definitely has a lot of people that she can look to for tips, especially when it comes teaching George how to bake, most notably her brother James Middleton.
The 29-year-old is the owner of the highly successful "Cake Kit Company" who create themed cakes and cake-making kits for birthdays and other occasions.
And of course, there's his grandma Carole Middleton, who is the mastermind behind Party Pieces.
The beloved royal has a great eye for cakes.
The 34-year-old admitted that she loves to use good old fashioned cookbooks.
During a royal visit, Kate admitted to cooking legend Mary Berry that she loves using her recipes.
"I'm a big fan of your cook books and your cakes," she confessed, while her hubby William admitted that his "tummy's a big fan" of the baking queen's cakes, saying he loved her chocolate brownies.
Watch the sweet interaction in the video player underneath!

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