British Royal Family

Duchess Catherine is the most popular British identity for American tourists

The Duchess of Cambridge is the British person most Americans would like to meet!

By Chloe Lal
Prince William's wife has just topped the list of beloved Brits that American travellers would like to meet one day.
When people think London, their minds jump to royalty and castles with Buckingham Palace being on most people's to-do lists.
With that in mind, it will come to no surprise the ruler of all the kingdoms (within the British Monarch), Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth features on the list, coming up in the second spot right behind the Duchess.
We totally understand why the Duchess is such a popular choice... After all, how many real life Princesses do you know?
With her funny sense of humour, beauty and kindness - we can see why Kate is adored by our friends across the pond.
Her magnificent Majesty comes in the second spot.
Travel website Hotels.com conducted the telling research, unveiling that the top five figures Americans most want to meet are women.
Making the world just that little bit more magical, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling followed the Queen.
Surprisingly, for the land that brought us the queen of girlbands, not one Spice Girl made the cut.
Instead pop royalty Adele came in the fourth spot with Oscar winner Kate Winslet slotting in right behind her!
It was a female only list but, if you ask us, we'd give honourable mentions for cheeky Prince George and his charming uncle Prince Harry.
Rounding out the list is JK Rowling, Adele and Kate Winslet.
Of course we think George would be a delight to meet.

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