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Duchess Catherine debuts shorter hair cut at charity event

They say change is as good as a holiday – even if you’re a royal, as The Duchess of Cambridge shows off her stunning new hairdo.

By Blake Nadilo
The only thing more famous that The Duchess of Cambridge herself is of course Catherine’s long brunette tresses, but it seems they’ve been given the chop.
Prince William and his wife attended the ICAP charity day in London on Wednesday, where they turned into brokers, and boy did they cause up a stir.
The future Queen’s new do was the talk of the town as she favoured locks that fall just below her shoulder rather that the long brunette blow-out she made famous.
The Duke and Duchess were on hand at the ICAP London offices to assist their employees “close deals” over the phone with their clients as all the revenue raised at the company’s 60 locations world-wide will be going to the couple’s respective charities.
The Duke and Duchess turned brokers for the day, all in the name of charity!
And it would seem that Catherine embraced the adage, short hair don’t care, as she really got into the spirit of things during the charity event.
At one point the style icon’s competitive streak got a bit too much for William who jokingly asked his wife to stop flirting to the clients on the phone.
“Catherine, I think you can stop flirting with them now,” the future King quipped as he eavesdropped on his wife’s conversation with a client, "Sorry my wife is just embarrassing me!"
In what turned out to be a fun-filled day for the royals, William ended up speaking on the phone to one of his school-mates from his Eaton College days.
“Vash, you old dog! How are you? What are you doing?" said the Prince. "Clearly you're not progressing with your career. I'm good, it's been such a long time. Is this what you did with our maths at school? It's good to speak to you again."
Turns out ladies with shorted hair do have more fun!
William and Catherine also were faced with some unusually dressed employees on the day, who traditionally don a costume for their renowned occasion.
One staff member in particular caught The Duchess’ attention, Nigel Halligan who was wearing sky-high stilettos and decided to forgo pants.
Catherine applauded Nigel's ability to walk in those sky-high stilettos!
“I really don't know how you women do it,” the broker told reporters, “Kate told me she was impressed because they were so high and said I should put my feet up the minute they had gone. I certainly took her advice on that one."
And if anyone knows how to cope wearing high heels for long periods of time, it is most certainly The Duchess of Cambridge.

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