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Duchess Camilla haunted by her past again

With The Crown set to expose her sordid romance, the duchess fears she’ll be despised once more.

Royal fans are giddy with excitement over the much-anticipated return of smash hit regal drama The Crown next year.
However, one person who is not so thrilled about the show, which is notorious for revisiting royal scandals, is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
Woman's Day can reveal Charles' beloved second wife is unnerved as the series prepares to document her shocking romance with the heir to the throne.
Camilla's deepest fears are about to become a reality. (Image: Getty Images)
"Camilla and Charles have worked tirelessly to improve the public perception of her following their affair while he was married to Princess Diana. She was seriously disliked, but now she's in a place where many people have grown to accept her as part of the royal family," says an insider.
"The last thing she wants is to have to relive a time in her life that she'd rather forget. This is dredging up bad memories and Camilla is understandably concerned that this is going to damage her reputation all over again."
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In the show, British actors Emerald Fennell, 33, and Josh O'Connor, 28, play Charles' mistress and the young prince, exposing what is one of the most infamous tales of forbidden romance and sordid love triangles.
Josh O'Connor, last seen in TV hit series, The Durrells, is turning his hand to playing Prince Charles in Series 3 of The Crown. Image: Facebook)
Taking on the role of Camilla is Call The Midwife beauty, Emerald Fennell. (Image: Facebook)
Camilla, 71, and Charles, 69, dated in the early 1970s but their relationship came to an end because she was not considered aristocratic enough to be married to the future king. Instead, he wed Princess Diana, but pursued an affair with Camilla a few years later that was exposed in the 1990s.
"There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded," Diana famously said at the time.
Prince Charles famously did not declare his love for Camilla until it was too late and she'd gone off to marry Andrew Parker-Bowles. (Image: Getty Images)
Last year, Camilla, who married Charles in 2005, opened up about being in the spotlight and her romance with the Queen's eldest son, following his divorce.
"It was horrid. It was a deeply unpleasant time and I wouldn't want to put my worst enemy through it," she confessed.
Camilla is reportedly nervous about what will get back to the ears of The Queen. (Image: Getty Images)
But just as the dust seems to have settled, with Camilla finally being accepted into the royal fold, the world is about to be reminded of the uproar that ensued when she stole Diana's husband.
"Camilla is deeply concerned about being the centre of attention again and experiencing a fresh wave of outrage over her relationship," reveals a palace aide.
"Even though she isn't as well-liked as some of the other royals such as the Queen, William and Harry, things are better than they used to be and she doesn't want to go back to being one of the most hated women on the planet."
The duchess can't quite believe that all the nastiness from the past is about to be brought to public attention yet again. (Image: Getty Images)
Unfortunately for Camilla, though, this is just the beginning. The third season of The Crown will focus on the early days of the couple's courtship. And with Charles and Camilla's illicit tryst becoming one of the biggest royal scandals of all time, the duchess will no doubt be featuring heavily in future seasons, too.
"Camilla hoped she had finally escaped her past but it's catching up with her all over again," adds our royal source.
"Her worst nightmare is turning into a reality."

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