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Prince Harry's number one fan, Daphne Dunne, has died

Just a week ago, she'd received a gorgeous letter from Harry and Meghan.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Australian war widow and Prince Harry superfan Daphne Dunne has died just a week after her 99th birthday.
The vivacious woman captured the heart of the Prince on several royal tours, even calling herself Harry's "biggest fan" during his most recent tour of Australia.
Ms Dunne had been in hospital suffering from pneumonia for two months and died surrounded by her family.
She had hoped her health would prevail and she would live to reach her 100th birthday, as well as witness the birth of Harry and Meghan's royal baby.
But just days before her tragic passing, Daphne had received a gorgeous letter from Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan on her 99th birthday, congratulating her on reaching such an incredible milestone.
"Dear Daphne, my wife and I send our warmest wishes to you on the occasion of your 99th birthday on Friday," the card read.
"We hope you have a wonderful celebration surrounded by family and friends and that you've managed to escape hospital.
"Congratulations on reaching this important and impressive milestone before your centenary year next year.
"Happy Birthday Daphne.
"Best wishes, Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex."
The pair shared a gorgeous bond. (Image: Getty)
The pair during Harry's most recent Australian tour. (Image: Getty)
During Harry and Meghan's royal tour in Australia last year, the father-to-be got the chance to introduce his new bride to Daphne.
The couple shared an adorable moment together, with the pair both crouching down to reach Daphne in her wheelchair.
The moment Meghan met Daphne on the royal tour last year. (Image: Getty)
Harry and Daphne met in 2015 during a trip to Australia, and the nation swooned when he kissed her on the cheek.
Two years later in 2017, during Harry's whirlwind tour to launch the Invictus Games in Sydney, 97-year-old Daphne dutifully camped out again for SEVEN hours and was reunited with the royal.
"He does a lot for everyone but he seems to dote on soldiers that have been wounded, and they've had some part of them amputated, that's the reason, it doesn't matter about me, he helps make them feel a bit better," she explained to Sunrise.
Clearly touched, Prince Harry remembered Daphne and remarked: "Oh, it's you," before swooping in to embrace her.
WATCH BELOW: Prince Harry says hello to Daphne in the pouring rain. Story continues after video
Daphne's daughter revealed that her mother's love for the royal family had helped buoy her spirits when illness left her feeling down.
"Meghan and Harry have gotten mum through this terrible illness she's had," she said on the Today Show on Friday.
'She's still very unwell and I think the card they've sent means so much. I think it will be the thing that gets her through."

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