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Stars of ‘The Crown’ Claire Foy and Matt Smith are surprisingly bad at royal trivia

These are hard questions, even for the most ardent fans of the Royal Family…

By Lorna Gray
Claire Foy and Matt Smith are currently playing Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in Netflix series The Crown.
It follows Queen Elizabeth from her marriage to Prince Philip onward, and it really is rivetting stuff. Based on true events, but, of course, highly dramatised, Foy and Smith are impressive as they take on the personas of the two young royals.
To prepare for their roles, there must’ve been a huge amount of homework involved, particularly when it came to mastering mannerisms and etiquette.
But it seems their royal trivia wasn’t quite up to scratch, if this hilarious video from Buzzfeed UK is anything to go by.
The two young actors were quizzed on their knowledge of all thing royal and they were surprisingly bad.
You can watch the full video here.

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