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Charles Spencer shares a sweet story about his sister Princess Diana

He recalls her innate caring nature towards children.

She was a philanthropist who cared for children the world over before her untimely death.
But Princess Diana's family was her first priority.
The late royal's brother Charles Spencer shared a sweet story about his caring sister at The Diana Award charity event in London on Monday.
The 52-year-old handed out awards to 80 young people nominated by the public. But before doing so, he made a heartfelt speech highlighting Diana's greatest qualities.
Princess Diana's brother says "she always had this affinity for young children."
He shared that the princess took care of him as a baby and while he was a young boy studying at King's Lynn, Norfolk.
"The first day I was there, the head teacher was teaching Diana in her class and she said she was impossible, she was wriggling around and not able to pay attention," Charles recalled.
The teacher told Diana, "'Fine, go and check on him now,'" said Spencer.
Charles presented youths with their honours at The Diana Award event in London.
"And she left the class and came to my classroom and came back and said to the headmistress 'He's fine!' and sat down. She always had this affinity for young children."
The Diana Award was founded in the wake of the royal's passing almost 20 years ago with the aim of providing young people with a platform to change the world for the better.
Charles Spencer opens up about Queen Elizabeth's sense of humour in the clip below.

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