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Duchess Camilla is all smiles as she presents her sister-in-law Princess Anne with a very important award

Keeping it in the family!

By Rebecca Sullivan
One of the great blessings that comes with being a member of the royal family is the ability to work with your own brood while you're officially on duty during the working day.
And it was truly a family affair for two senior members of The Firm this week, as Duchess Camilla presented her sister-in-law Princess Anne with a special award in Scotland on Wednesday.
Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who is known as the Duchess of Rothesay while in Scotland, awarded Anne an honorary degree in her role as the University of Aberdeen's chancellor.
The 72-year-old Duchess became the university's chancellor in 2013.
Princess Anne was nominated by the university for the honour in recognition of her charity work. She is patron of Save the Children, and is involved with many other organisations, including The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, which she founded herself in 1991.
Camilla shook Anne's hand as she presented her with the award. Getty
Anne was given special robes to wear during the ceremony. Getty
Camilla looked on proudly and applauded Anne, as she donned a set of official red robes given to recipients of honorary degrees, and later gave a speech to accept her award.
The Princess Royal said it was a "real honour" to be recognised by the university for her charity work.
Camilla applauded as Princess Anne accepted her award. Getty
Anne donned special red robes for the occasion. Getty
Princess Anne is also a university chancellor herself, at the University of Edinburgh.
During her speech, Camilla joked that she was not sure if there was "a collective noun for chancellors", referring to their similar roles.
Camilla then added: "Ladies and gentlemen, we shall have no talk of rivalry today. But I might just casually observe that, while we are to celebrate our 525th birthday next month, the University of Edinburgh is comparatively youthful - a mere 437-years-old."
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Anne is one of the most popular and hardest working members of the royal family.
She has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance recently thanks to the portrayal of her younger self by actress Erin Doherty in the third season of The Crown, which was released late last year.
From her outfits, to her signature bouffant hairstyle, to her interesting relationship with Prince Charles, we just can't get enough of this fabulous royal.

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