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EXCLUSIVE! Camilla BLASTS Meghan Markle: Inside their royal feud

'The sight of Meghan hamming it up at the Fashion Awards show was the final straw.'

All eyes were on the Duchess of Sussex last week as she took to the stage for an impromptu appearance at the British Fashion Awards.
But while Meghan may have won over the hearts of celebrities and fashionistas, the same cannot be said of her growing band of critics within the royal family.
Meghan is causing some major tension in the royal fold. (Image: Getty)
As Woman's Day has reported, the Duchess of Sussex has been under fire for weeks, nicknamed "Hurricane Meghan" and "Difficult Duchess" and being accused of causing havoc in the royal family.
She's also upset Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who allegedly finds her sister-in-law "bossy" and "controlling".
The pair's strained relationship is just the start, with a nasty rift developing between Princes William and Harry, who is defiantly sticking up for his American spouse.
A rumoured rift between Kate and Meghan has made headlines for weeks. (Image: Getty)
Now, Woman's Day can reveal Meghan's appearance at the fashion awards has made her a formidable new enemy, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
"Camilla has sat back and watched Meghan's recent behaviour in astonishment for a long time," an insider tells us.
"She chose to stay silent until now, but the sight of her hamming it up at the fashion awards show was the final straw."
WATCH: Meghan Markle can't stop cradling her baby bump at the British Fashion Awards. Post continues...
Clad in a tight, off-shoulder, black Givenchy gown that drew attention to her growing baby bump, Meghan drew applause as she delivered a speech to a star-studded audience that included Victoria and David Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and models Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber.
"It's such a pleasure to be here, celebrating British fashion and British designers in my new home in the UK," the 37-year-old told the assembled throng at London's Royal Albert Hall.
Elaborating on her passion for fashion, Prince Harry's wife – who was tenderly caressing her baby bump throughout the evening – added, "We have a deep connection to what we wear. Sometimes it's deeply personal, sometimes it's emotional."
Meghan delivered a stirring speech during a surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards in December. (Image: Getty)
For her, she concluded, the importance is "really in being able to understand that it's about supporting and empowering each other, especially as women".
"It wasn't just her 'look at me' attitude that incensed Camilla. What tipped her over the edge was the fact that she was breaking all the royal rules again and thinking she could get away with it," our royal source explains.
"At this point Camilla is ready to go to war with Meghan. She sees it as her duty to put Meghan in her place, if not drive her out of the royal family altogether."
At the Fashion Awards, Meghan chose to wear dark nail polish, as opposed to the traditional royal nude colour, which enraged Camilla immensely.
"She thought her behaviour at that event was ridiculous and unbecoming for a royal," continues our insider.
From hugging guests on stage, taking selfies with celebrities at afterparties – which it's believed the palace PR team later demanded be taken down – cradling her bump and making it all about her, Meghan certainly appeared more a celeb than a princess.
"Even her dress was entirely inappropriate and ghastly, as far as Camilla was concerned."
"And all this from someone who's already under scrutiny and supposed to be showing more respect? It was as though she decided to deliberately thumb her nose at anything regal, as opposed to classing up her act and doing what's expected of her."
Meghan's outfit choices are the cause of grief to the Duchess of Cornwall. (Image: Getty)
Of course, Camilla, 71, is no stranger when it comes to the unpopularity stakes, having been pilloried for decades as Prince Charles' one-time mistress.
"Camilla has been made to look like the villain for allegedly stealing Princess Diana's husband and being a divorcee, but for some reason Meghan's been allowed to do what she wants and get off scot-free. She finds it hypocritical and unfair," adds a palace aide.
Meanwhile, Meghan's glitzy outing was in stark contrast to the low-key behaviour of Kate, who chose to accompany William to a homeless shelter he first visited with his late mother Princess Diana 24 years ago.
In a telling move that's being perceived as Kate's way to connect with the public, she's returned to high street fashion labels as opposed to the designer labels favoured by her sister-in-law.
While Meghan attended the glitzy Fashion Awards, Kate joined Prince William to visit a hospital and homeless shelter. (Image: Getty)
It's understood the Queen has entrusted Kate to be the face of the royal family for now, while they weather the storm caused by Meghan's controversial decisions.
"A lot of the royals are very worried what the future holds, not least because Meghan is so headstrong and uncontrollable," a royal insider tells Woman's Day.
"Unlike Catherine, who entered into the royal fold as a youngster, Meghan is manifestly set in her ways and she's got an extremely strong 'take charge' attitude that flies in the face of what's expected from someone in her position.
"The Queen knows the situation needs to be handled with the utmost delicacy, not only for PR purposes but also because of how fond everyone is of Harry.
"Thankfully at least, she has Catherine and William, who are the bedrocks of the family and the ones she undoubtedly trusts the most at the moment."

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