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Best royal wedding merchandise: From weird to wonderful

Looking for a token, a mug or even a pair of swimmers to commemorate Harry and Meghan’s wedding? Now to Love has rounded up the best of a quite fascinating bunch of royal nuptials merch.

Royal wedding merchandise has come a long way from the days of the commemorative spoon or wall plate. There is a whole lot of quite fabulous stuff you can buy as a permanent reminder of this weekend's wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Here are a few of the Now to Love team's faves.
These swimmers! It's hard to unsee these. But if you fancy wearing a bearded Harry or a full-faced Meghan into your local pool, who are we to judge.
Paper dolls are such a retro toy tradition. Fashion plates like Meghan and Harry may well revive the popularity of this quaint childhood pastime.
It's official, it's beautiful and it's so highly collectible. If you are seeking truly beautiful wedding souvenirs, then the Royal Collection Shop is the place to browse. There is gorgeous china in royal pale blue and featuring the royal couple's initials in stunning gold script, official shortbread biscuits, Christmas decorations and even "Royal Wedding Official Commemorative Sugared Almonds".
It can't be a royal wedding merch collection without a commemorative tea towel. And while there are many around, this one from the BBC shop is actually quite nice.
This commemorative box of condoms shed a whole new light on the phrase "lie back and think of England".
Mix up your next batch of scones with these wooden spoons, on which the esteemed royal images are burned into the spoons using a laser.
Harry and Meghan can decorate any space, thanks to this throw cushion.
For the traditional collector, the mug, plate and cup-and-saucer set are must-have collectibles. There are lots and lots around - but this mug by Royal Heritage has an official feel.

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