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Birthday blues: Backlash over the Queen's extravagant 90th celebrations

The Queen is "really excited" about her upcoming 90th birthday celebrations but it looks the feeling isn’t mutual.

By Chloe Lal
For her huge milestone The Queen is throwing a huge birthday bash and everyone is invited… as long as you have a spare £150 (or approx. $310 Aussie bucks)
The son of Princess Anne, Peter Philips will be organising the event through the London office of its Australian firm, Sports and Entertainment Limited.
The Queen’s 38-year-old grandson told British network ITV that tickets for The Mall street party will cost £150 and ten thousand guests will be invited.
It seems many were quick to criticize the steep price tag to party with Her Maj, including British politician Diane Abbott, who described it as “not quite right to ask for people to pay for what historically has been free.”
Meanwhile angry commentators have taken to Twitter to voice their disapproval. "£150 a head for charities to have a table at the Queens 90th (& buffet food!).....who does she think she is ?! :)," one person tweeted.
"The Monarchy charging £150 for tickets to the Queens 90th birthday party in London? Bit pricey for away fans. Twenty is plenty Lizzie," another agreed.
Peter, however, defends the cost. "It’s not exactly a cheap exercise," he explained to ITV
Despite the backlash, it will no doubt be a spectacular weekend with The Queen, Prince William and Prince Harry all set to attend the June event.
Unlike the lunch, Trooping the Colour will remain a free event.
With around 1,000 tickets to be sold through a public ballot in early March, The Patron's Lunch is intended to honour the Queen's lifetime dedication to service, as well as marking her patronage of more than 600 charities and organisations.
During the event, a carnival parade will travel through The Mall to entertain the guests, and the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will also take to a stage to listen to speeches marking the occasion.
Sounds like it’s a birthday fit for royalty!
The official wedding group photo Peter Phillips and wife, Autumn's big day back in May 2008.

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