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Australian taxpayers fork out half a million for Charles and Camilla's five day tour

It might have been brief, but the royal tour left Australian taxpayers with a royal bill.

On Sunday, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, flew out from Australia following their jam-packed tour of the country.
But it seems the royal couple has left Australia to foot the bill.
According to The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian taxpayers will be covering the cost of the tour, which roughly amounted to around half a million dollars.
"The total cost of the visit is not yet known but it is expected that it will be consistent with past visits," a spokesperson said.
The past visits referred to are Charles and Camilla’s six-day 2012 trip, which cost $437,057 and Prince William and wife Kate’s 10-day 2014 visit, which totalled $474,000.
Other slightly longer tours included Prince Harry’s one-month Australia-New Zealand tour earlier this year, which cost taxpayers $115,000 and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s 2011 tour, which rung up $2.7 million.
Included in Charles and Camilla’s hefty bill was $257,000 for transport, $85,000 for meals, accommodation, $66,500 for media, $5500 for hospitality and events, and $23,000 for miscellaneous costs.
Security bills were not included in the total cost.
During the royal couple’s five-day tour, they paid brief visits to Adelaide, the Barossa Valley, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and Albany, where they engaged in charity work locally.

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