Portrait of devotion: Queen Elizabeth and her Prince

After 68 years of marriage, and four children, it looks like the love is still alive with Queen Elizabeth and her Prince.

As Queen Elizabeth entered the House of Lords to deliver the Queen's Speech last week, dressed in ermine and jewels, her husband, Prince Philip, quietly entered beside her and clasped her hand to help her down the stairs.
It was a portrait that defined the Queen and her Prince - Elizabeth shouldering her duties as monarch, and Philip standing beside her, in quiet but devoted support.
It is a love story that has been broadcast, photographed, and documented since their very first correspondence in 1934, but one that has remained private and protected. Since those letters in the 30s, a marriage was celebrated, as was the birth of four children, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, and 63 years as Queen and Consort.
And it was clear from their appearance today that Philip and his 'Lilibet' are still very much in love.
On the Queen's Birthday long weekend, we take a walk down memory lane...

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