It’s over! Reality TV couples who DIDN’T go the distance

Breaking up is tough for anyone – but like MAFS alum Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner may soon find out, having your heart proverbially drop-kicked in the public eye isn't always pretty...

By Ellie McDonald
Whether we're hurling expletives at the TV over some guy (ahem, Eden) sending a girl a fake love letter (hi, Elora) or left questionning if Married At First Sightis better than The Bachelor or not, it's fair to say we're pretty invested in reality TV.
So much so that it hits us harder than we'd like to admit when those reality stars split from their made-on-TV partners.
We're not crying, YOU are.
Here, we round up the most memorable reality-TV break-ups, specifically those who had a crack at reality-TV romance when the cameras were turned off. Starting with…