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Between the sheets! Is this the secret to the happiest kind of sex life?

Apparently, researchers say it’s all about getting a handle of each other’s sexpectations...

By Ellie McDonald
It might seem simple, but a new study out of the University of Toronto, Canada, says that people in long-term relationships need to accept the belief that keeping love alive in between the sheets won't just happen because you think you're 'soulmates'.
Nope, it takes hard work and effort, according to the study's lead researcher, Jessica Maxwell.
"People who believe in sexual destiny are using their sex life as a barometer for how well their relationship is doing, and they believe problems in the bedroom equal problems in the relationship as a whole," she says.
"Whereas people who believe in sexual growth not only believe they can work on their sexual problems, but they are not letting it affect their relationship satisfaction."
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This study tested almost 2,000 people from both heterosexual and same-sex relationships, and also analysed what many people call "the honeymoon period".
Results showed that the honeymoon period can last two to three years; during this time, both parties' are typically on the same level of satisfaction of both sexual growth and sexual destiny.
However, as described by Eurekalert, it is the ongoing belief in sexual growth that shines through following this stage of the relationship as "as sexual desire begins to ebb and flow".
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Not only that, but the research also showed that women, more so than men, rely on sexual destiny, yet they are more prone to understanding that maintaining a happy sex life takes time and effort.
"I think that this could be because there is some evidence that sexual satisfaction takes more work for women, so they rate higher on the sexual growth scale," Jessica explains.
The research into this study also indicated that the higher you are on the sexual growth scale, the more likely you are to try to fix bedroom-based issues, but not if these problems are too big to fix straight away.
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