The Voice

The Voice's Oliver Cutherbert reveals he’s transgender - leaving coach Boy George in awe

"To do that at 15 - that takes some real strength. That is incredible.”

By Erin Doyle
In incredibly raw scenes on The Voice on Sunday night, a 15-year-old contestant has shared his story of becoming transgender.
Taking to the stage with his parents watching on proudly behind the scenes, Oliver Cuthbert performed a moving rendition of Kygo's Firestone, with both Delta Goodrem and Boy George turning their chairs for him.
But it was Oliver's explanation for why he had only been singing with his current voice for less than a year that really floored The Voice coaches.
"I started singing when I was six years old but over the last nine months I had to retrain my voice. I started hormones. So I'm transgender - I'm female to male. I've had to retrain my voice completely," Oliver explained.
Boy George, who Oliver ultimately picked as his coach, applauded the teenager for his bravery.
"Can I just say, to do that at 15, that takes some real strength. That is incredible. I'm always moved by these sorts of stories. You think, wow, because I know how difficult it is to be who you want to be and that's so beautiful," the Culture Club singer said.
Delta was equally impressed by Oliver's opens, adding: "I am blown way with you sharing that with us straight away. How brave, what courage, and how exciting to discover your voice now."
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During his audition, Oliver revealed he is transgender. (Image: Channel Nine)
Earlier in the episode, Oliver shared more details of his journey.
"I always felt kind of different as a child. It wasn't something that was something I could ever pinpoint though. I just felt a little bit out of place. It's hard to explain but I always knew within myself that I was a guy even though to everyone else I wasn't," he said.
"For 14 years, I was trapped in a female body. I didn't just wake up one day and decide I'm going to live as a man and this is who I'm going to be now. It was the fact that I couldn't possibly think of a future of myself as a girl."
Boy George, who came out as gay at 15, was moved by Oliver's story. (Image: Channel Nine)
Oliver's parents also revealed what it was like for them to learn their child was transgender, after Oliver admitted it was initially hard for them to accept.
"Oliver dropped a lot of little hints. He kind of spoon fed me a bit to get my head around the idea but I had my head in the sand," Oliver's mother revealed, admitting she thought it was "just a phase" at first.
Although she eventually accepted the idea, she candidly confessed: "For me, initially, I just felt a bit lost."
Proud parents: Oliver's parents described their son as "brave" and their "hero". (Image: Channel Nine)
Meanwhile, Oliver's father said he chose to support the choice, particularly after realising that the suicide rate for transgender kids who have no support is high.
"When Oli came out as transgender, as a parent you're faced with two options really – you can be supportive or you can deny it. And what are you going to do? They're your child. This is the person that you love," he said.
In an emotional piece-to-camera, Oliver's dad continued: "I get a bit choked up. I don't think many parents look at their children as their hero and that really is the case with Oli. He's my hero."
Oliver (pictured with his mother) was born female. (Image: Channel Nine)