The Voice

Is The Voice's Sam Perry the most controversial contestant yet?

He's certainly changed the game...

By Alex Lilly
He's made it through the Blind Auditions, Knockouts and is now battling it out in the top 13 for The Voice Australia 2018, but Sam Perry is proving to be a bit of a controversial contestant this year. In fact, could he be the most dividing contender the show has ever seen?
Last night, his unique rendition of Nirvana's 90s grunge anthem Smells Like Teen Spirit, but critics including judge and self-confessed "Queen of England" Boy George have said he's not really a singer.
The 28 year-old runs his own graphics company by day but by night, he's a world class vocal loop artist who discovered his talent when mimicking sounds in the classroom.

Though all four judges fought to have him on their team after his Blind Audition of Prince's When Doves Cry, Boy George called him out in his Knockout round.
"This is a really controversial knockout because you're a bit of a red sock in a white wash because this is called The Voice and you're not really a singer."
But mentor Kelly Rowland didn't have time for that being the Independent Woman she is!
"It's refreshing. We've been in this industry forever now, every time we see something new it catches attention," the Destiny's Child diva fought back with.
Last night's performance saw him receive rave reviews from the judges and audience.