The Voice

Boy George and Kelly Rowland's fight on The Voice was so wild that Delta Goodrem had to step in

''It's a f---ing outrage!''

By Alex Lilly
If you thought we were done and dusted with cheating scandals and judges feuding on The Voice, you thought wrong!
On Monday night, Kelly Rowland stirred the pot one more time with her controversial song choice for Denzel and Henry during the Battles round.
"I have been breaking a couple rules this season and I continue to do so and I will do so because it's kinda fun actually," Kelly confessed to her artists. "Anything worth having is worth breaking a couple of rules."
The former member of Destiny's Child chose to break the mould with a mash-up of Eminem's Lose Yourself and Adele's Skyfall to reflect Denzel's hip hop roots versus Henry's classical voice. But after a previous cheating scandal, Denzel was a little nervous.
"If we break the rules again, Boy George is going to kick my head in," he joked.
"It's not about appeasing George," Kelly replied. "I'm here to win."
And while judges Guy and Delta were big fans of Kelly's decision, there was one judge who was not happy. No prizes for guessing who.
Kelly and Boy George were at it again. (Images: Channel Nine)
"It wasn't strictly a battle, was it?" Boy George said after the performance.
But Kelly wasn't backing down saying, "I feel like what I did was actually gutsy, it was risky and as an artist, that's what we're supposed to do. You know that better than any of us."
When George mentioned that everybody else had to "do it by the rules", Kelly was not having a bar of it.
"Don't make me get un-ladylike in front of this audience, I really don't want to have to go there."
But in a move that we did not see coming, Delta Goodrem stood up and said what everyone was thinking.
Delta was forced to step in after things boiled over between Kelly and George. (Image: Channel Nine)
"Stop it!" Delta screamed to rapturous applause.
"Shush! Order!" she added banging on her buzzer in front to mock a courtroom. "I think I'm the voice of reason here tonight."
And viewers were here for her outburst, as evidenced on social media.
While Denzel was crowned the victor, George still wasn't happy and refused to call it a battle.
"It's an outrage, it's a f---ing outrage," the eighties icon was overheard saying before quickly changing his tune and saying to his fellow judges, "I like him, he's funny."
WATCH: The Voice's Kelly Rowland lashes out at Boy George. Post continues after video...
Speaking to TV WEEK, host Sonia Kruger opened up about George and Kelly's feud and complimented the American songstress on how "she makes her own rules."
"She's fearless and creative. Nobody has said, 'You can't do this', so she's going to push the envelope to win," she said.
"What I find surprising about George is that for somebody who broke all the rules when he was younger, he's now a stickler for them. It's a real contradiction.
"Ultimately, I think it will push the other coaches to bend the rules themselves."