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The Voice’s Joe Jonas slams his fellow coaches and their tactics

He warns: ‘Don’t bully my artists’.

He's the new kid on the block, but that won't stop Joe Jonas from standing up for what he believes in. The American singer joined The Voice this season. He admits there have been times during filming that he's felt the need to protect members of his team from the other coaches.
"We're very competitive and spend a lot of time together," Joe, 28, tells TV WEEK of his on-screen rivalry with Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland and Boy George.
"Sometimes you feel like your artist is getting bullied. So you jump in protectively and say, 'OK, stop talking – it's enough now.'"
From left to right: Joe Jonas, Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland, Boy George star as coaches on The Voice.
Initially, Joe admits he was nervous about becoming a coach on the popular singing contest.
"You never know what it's going to be like when you sign up," he explains. "It's kind of a gamble. It could be like pulling teeth for six months."
But having witnessed how far the other coaches are willing to go to win, Joe is more determined than ever to take out the competition.
"I've come in strong and I feel good about myself right now," he declares.
"There's still a lot to go through, but I really think there are some winners in there [Team Joe].
"I'm so proud of them. They've all worked so hard and are driven."
Joe says coaching on The Voice is a gamble.
Having grown up in the spotlight – Joe rose to fame as a member of the pop-rock band Jonas Brothers, along with his brothers Kevin and Nick – Joe wants to ensure his charges don't succumb to the pitfalls of fame.
"That too can cause issues," Joe says. "There were moments when I felt like I was getting caught up in the spotlight. But you have to remember how quickly it [fame] can go away."
When asked which coach is his biggest threat, Joe cites Kelly.
"Don't let her fool you," Joe warns of the former Destiny's Child group member. "She's strategising."
"We all have certain things in our back pockets we pull out when we need to."
Joe's quickly become a fan-favourite on The Voice.
And with his wedding to his fiancée, Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, in the works, will any of his fellow coaches get an invitation?
"I feel a little bad," Joe hints. "Sophie and I are taking our sweet time with it all [planning the wedding]. We have a lot going on individually and together this year. We'll see."

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