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EXCLUSIVE: The Voice’s Jesse Teinaki reveals he’s fallen in love – with a co-star!

“I’ve found love – dare I say for the first time.”

By Erin Doyle
As one of the heartthrobs from last year's season of The Voice, Jesse Teinaki is no stranger to attention from fans.
For those hoping to date the 28-year-old however, prepare to be disappointed! Chatting with Now To Love, Jesse confirms he's off the market.
"For me, it's been a great journey with the show purely because I've found love – dare I say for the first time," Jesse spills.
"It is a big thing obviously. This was not planned to happen."
Jesse Teinaki (pictured) confirms he's off the market! Image: Channel Nine
While Jesse is keeping tight-lipped for now on the finer details of the new romance, he describes the relationship as "an amazing thing" and admits the person he's found love with is a fellow Voice contestant.
"It was meeting through The Voice where the meeting happened and it kind of eventuated from there," he says.
"[We're keeping it] under wraps for now, we just don't kind of want the attention and the focus to be on that, we kind of want it to be on our solo journeys at the moment."
Despite insisting the couple are keeping things private, fellow Voice star Elsa Clement, who took part on the show last year alongside Jesse, hasn't been as low-key and has posted a number of gushing posts about her beau on Instagram.
As far back as July last year, Elsa wrote alongside a photo of the pair: "Thank you for being my person. For being in my corner, being the light of my life and showing me that i am yours too. At the end of the day, life is about being happy and being who you are."
She continued: "You make me the happiest i've ever been. I'm so grateful to call you MINE."

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Jesse divulged that the increased attention thanks to his first stint on The Voice helped him solidify what he really wanted in a relationship.
"I think that the attention put a lot of things into perspective about how real love actually is and what you need to cherish out of it and focusing on the key points," he says.
Meanwhile, Jesse also revealed why he decided to return to The Voice so soon after appearing on it last time.
"It was a bit of a tough decision for me but I think it came down to me kind of being the type of personality who always takes on more opportunities," he says.
"Ever since I dived into music in high school, I've jumped at any opportunity I can and I kind of live that way as well so I think for me it was to make the most of what I'm doing here."
Jesse (pictured with Natasha Stuart) competed in 2019 and returned in 2020 as an All Star. Image: Channel Nine
Jesse said the attention from his last stint on The Voice helped him figure out what he wanted in a relationship. Image: Channel Nine
Jesse says that being an All Star contestant comes with an added pressure.
"As soon as I stepped in I was so nervous. Literally tenfold nervous than I was last season. It's a new pressure, which I wasn't expecting," he says.
"I realised I had a lot more to prove this year seeing as it has only been less than a year since I was back on that stage."

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