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The Voice star Jack Vidgen admits he's had fillers - but denies having surgery

The former child star talks surgery rumours, fame and being on another reality show.

At just 14, a wide-eyed Jack Vidgen was branded Australia's Justin Bieber when he won the fifth season of Australia's Got Talent.
He seemed destined for the spotlight – until he fell victim to the pressures of the industry. Now, on June 2, we'll get to see Jack again when he auditions as an All Star on The Voice. He chats to Woman's Day.

We know you from AGT in 2011, but what’s brought you back to TV for The Voice?

It's been eight years and a lot's happened! After the show I went over to LA and tried to do my thing over there and eventually I had to take a step back [from the music industry]. The only place I've been singing is around my living room or in the shower.
Not doing music has been a big change for me so I was excited to return to it all with The Voice auditions.
A baby-faced Jack Vidgen pictured in 2011. (Image: Getty)

What was the main driving force for you leaving the entertainment industry?

I didn't deal well with a lot of the pressures of being a working artist… I really got to the point where I couldn't do it any more. Some people are built for it, but I personally think I was too young for that type of pressure. I couldn't keep my love and joy for music and simultaneously deal with the demands and pressure.
It got to the point even the childhood memories of me driving in the car with my mum and screaming at the top of my lungs singing with her started to have bitterness in them. It was the moment where I knew I had to stop.
WATCH BELOW: Jack Vidgen on The Circle in 2012. Story continues after video.

Was it hard walking away from something you love so much?

Singing was my career – it was how I was supporting myself – and to have that out of my life was a big change but it was my choice. When I was on the show [AGT], I was still trying to figure everything out – you know, all the things teenagers go through.
It's taken a lot to fall back in love with music again. I'm starting to do that again and that's exactly why I decided to audition on The Voice.

Since your return, people have speculated about plastic surgery. Have you had it?

I've never had plastic surgery! I think people forget I was 14 [when they first met me]! I was prepubescent, and now I'm 22 so obviously there are some natural changes.
I've definitely experimented – it's obvious I've had filler – I've never denied that. To me it's such a small little thing. I couldn't care less if people know or don't know or if they like or don't like it. I want people to know that it's my body, it's my face, and I'm really happy and that should always be the main thing.
"It's obvious I've had lip filler - I've never denied that," says Jack. (Image: Instagram @jack.vidgen)

At the time you shot to fame, “troll culture” started to emerge online. How have you managed to deal with that?

I honestly try not to read the negativity, but it's hard. All my friends and family tell me time and time again, "Don't read it."
Fame is a really weird thing… I think people have this perception of you. I know myself, my family knows me. I always cherish kindness, and just having confidence in that, the other bulls**t just disappears.
Jack says he tries not to take any notice of trolls and negativity. (Image: Instagram @jack.vidgen)

How do you feel about sharing details of your love-life with the public?

I've been pretty private over the years – I don't really struggle with that. If the time comes and I'm still in the public eye and I've got a significant other… I'm quite an honest person [the media] wouldn't really affect me talking about it. I'm not one of those people who would announce my relationship on a status update anyway!
Watch Jack's blind audition on The Voice this Sunday at 7pm on Nine

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