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Has he been pushed too far? The Voice's Guy Sebastian is at breaking point

The Choir singer has been struggling of late.

He's known for his jovial attitude and contagious smile, but a source close to Guy reveals that backlash about his coaching choices and ongoing court ordered mediation with his former manager Titus Day is causing the father-of-two to suffer undue stress.
"It's a lot of pressure for Guy to deal with," says the insider. "He's usually able to cope with his emotions, but as of late everything's becoming all too much."
Last week's knockout rounds were noticeably emotional for the former Australian Idol winner. With no saves up his sleeve, Guy was forced to choose between Jordy Marcs, Lara Dabbagh and Jack Vidgen to join his team.
"This is killing me. Like I've been in these sorts of..." he said, before choking up and becoming unable to finish his sentence.
A teary-eyed Guy sheepishly added: "What an idiot, I'm so sorry."
Guy (pictured) is at breaking point thanks to backlash about his coaching choices and ongoing court ordered mediation with his former manager Titus Day. (Image: Channel Nine)
Luckily, fellow coach Kelly Rowland was on hand to offer words of comfort at the time, softly telling him "You're not an idiot."
Contestant Lara also admitted she was touched by Guy's emotional on-stage display.
"Dude, you're gonna make me cry man," she told him.
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Guy Sebastian was in tears during a recent episode of The Voice. (Image: Channel Nine)
Guy explained that the reason he was so upset was that he just thought Jordy and Lara were "amazing", before wiping away tears and encouraging the show to go on.
"I'm so embarrassed. Let's get to the saves, let's get to the saves!" he said.
While it ended up being the end of the road for Jordy, young Lara got a second chance in the form of Team Kelly, when the Destiny's Child star used her "save" to steal her for her team.
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Being forced to choose between Jordy, Lara and Jack (pictured left to right) pushed Guy over the edge. (Image: Channel Nine)

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