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Georgia Love’s ex-boyfriend is on The Voice this year and she’s furious!

The Bachelorette beauty admits she “nearly fell off her chair” when she spotted him.

By Erin Doyle
The Voice is back for another year and thanks to its All Star edition, so are many familiar faces such as Australia's Got Talent's Jack Vidgen and Australian Idol's Lee Harding.
The chance for a trip down memory had former Bachelorette Georgia Love tuning in – but she got more than she bargained for when she spotted someone a little too familiar.
Speaking on Hit Network's Perth breakfast show Heidi, Xaiver & Ryan, Georgia confessed she had a huge crush on Wasabi hitmaker Lee Harding and couldn't wait to watch.
But instead of catching a glimpse of Lee, she saw a promo that featured her ex-boyfriend.
"They had a promo that's looking ahead to the season and I nearly fell off my chair," Georgia, who is now dating Lee Elliott, said.
"My ex-boyfriend's on it. And real-life ex-boyfriend, not Lee Harding who I would have liked to have called my boyfriend.
"Not a Bachelorette contestant. In fact, a former The Voice contestant. He's an all-star as well, his name was Matthew Garwood. People might remember him as the tattooed opera singer."
WATCH: Matthew Garwood sings his heart out on The Voice way back in 2014. Post continues after video...
Georgia and Matthew dated before she was The Bachelorette. (Image: Georgia Love/ Facebook)
He's back! Matthew Harwood is one of The Voice's "All Stars". (Image: Channel Nine)
While Georgia admitted the show was perfect for Matthew, she was annoyed he was on it because now it has turned her off watching.
"I did date him for a little while, it ended pretty badly – we're not on good terms so I'm furious that my watching of this show… to live my nostalgia of when I was 16 and loved Lee Harding has been ruined by my ex-boyfriend," she said.
Matthew has also spoken previously about their messy split, dishing the dirt back in 2016 when Georgia was gearing up to star on The Bachelorette.
In an interview with Fox FM's Fifi and Dave with Fev, the singer said he was heartbroken when Georgia quickly moved on from their romance with one of his workmates.
"I was working at a cabaret restaurant in Melbourne called Dracula's," Matt said at the time.
"After we broke up, let's just say her new boyfriend worked at Dracula's as well – it's a very dramatic story".
Awkward! Let's hope they don't run into each other anytime soon...
Georgia had a huge crush on Lee Harding, who was an Australian Idol fan favourite in 2005. (Image: Getty Images)
Georgia is currently dating Bachelorette winner Lee Elliott. (Image: Network Ten)

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