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EXCLUSIVE: Is The Voice fake? Producers are concocting manufactured scandals because "it makes for better television"

The popular show features expert coaches, talented singers … and a whole lot of smoke and mirrors!

By Woman's Day team
The Voice coach Guy Sebastian has fast become the show's biggest villain ever after he turned his chair, despite already having a full team in the final episode of the blind auditions.
The move has since set off a firestorm of exchanges between Guy, 38, and pop superstar Kelly Rowland, 39, who was quick to brand the singer a "cheat", with the pair remaining frosty ever since.
But an insider has revealed to Woman's Day the onscreen antics are nothing more than a dramatic ploy by producers, and that Guy's "controversial move" is just one of many used to create drama on the hit series.
So, which bits are fake and which are real? Keep on scrolling to find out.
Coaches Guy Sebastian and Kelly Rowland have been at each other's throats on The Voice this season. Image: Channel Nine

Buzzer-gate is an act

Fans first became suspicious of the producers' tricks when US Voice coach John Legend debunked "buzzer-gate" on Australian radio last week.
John revealed the situation would never happen on the original format, because it's physically impossible!
"On our show, the button won't work if your team is full," the 41-year-old Grammy-winning singer said.
"'There have been times when I picked my team and there has been somebody who is really great, but that's just the luck of the draw," he added, pointing out that some coaches miss out on securing performers simply because their teams are full.
Despite one of the show's executive producers crashing the set to diffuse the "shock" situation Guy created, it seems it might have been a manoeuvre to produce rivalry between Kelly and Guy after all – given producers control the coaches' chairs and button access.
Our source says the whole buzzer cheating scandal was manufactured just to create drama. Image: Channel Nine

The coaches are tipped off

Interestingly, Woman's Day's insider insists the four coaches are, in fact, all told who is performing, defeating the show's purpose about "the voice" being anonymous.
"They'll often get a name or a back story to make sure they're asking the right questions," says our insider.
"It makes for better television if the coaches are familiar with who they are," the insider explains.
The coaches are also said to be given the artist and name of the song before the audition.
"This especially comes in handy for the judges who are unfamiliar with the track," explains the spy.
Our insider says the coaches actually do have a bit of an idea about the contestants performing. Image: Channel Nine

Secret backup performers

What's more, the insider reveals the singing competition includes a range of "backup performers", who sometimes never make it on stage, to ensure there's enough options to fill up all of the teams.
If the teams are filled before all potential performers get a chance to sing for the coaches and cameras, "it's just too bad", our source explains.
"The backup singers are kept around just in case a performer has to pull out due to an unforeseen circumstance," adds the insider.
But our source insists the producers make sure they guarantee the show's most "viable" acts perform early within the audition filming process.
"Certain performers are prioritised by producers to perform first to ensure there is plenty of space on teams for those they deem the best," dishes our source.
WATCH BELOW: Guy Sebastian breaks the rules in The Voice cheating scandal.

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