The Voice

The Voice's Denzel just performed an original rap and it's...okay

Okay, okay, okay, okay!

By Alex Lilly
If you tuned in to The Voice on Monday night, one of the most polarising performances was that of Denzel who broke Voice protocol once again by performing an original rap.
The 20 year-old Melbournite took to the stage with his original tune Okay Okay and its catchy tune led to mixed reviews.
Many viewers danced along with Denzel's mentor Kelly Rowland praised the young rapper for his catchy tune with some even confessing that this is the sort of music they could see themselves listening to.
"@DenzelM is by far the most marketable of this year's contestants. They are all talented but he is the only one I can actually hear topping charts on the radio tomorrow. He's got all my votes," one person tweeted.
Denzel's Instagram was also flooded with support.
"I swear if you don't win I'm gonna punch my tv. You were fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥," one passionate viewer commented.
"Dope performance mate 10/10 straight off the voice on to the charts 👌," wrote another.
But the reviews weren't all...okay.
Some found the song repetitive and dull and remarked that it was unfair that everyone else had to sing covers while he was allowed to rap his own material.
"Generally I like Denzel but I thought his song tonight was lame," a viewer tweeted.
"I think denzel slaps but its unfair to the other contestants how he gets to perform originals and they have to sing someone elses songs #THEVOICEAU," commented another.
Denzel was okay okay okay on Monday night! (Image: Channel Nine)
Denzel started rapping four years ago when he was in Year 11 and and wrote raps to remember his school chemistry notes.
The 20 year-old previously admitted to TV WEEK that if he could sing, he definitely would.
However the Voice finalist also revealed that songwriting is the thing that appeals to him.
"It's more about the writing than it actually is about the sound."