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The Voice spoiler alert! The full blown meltdown that divides the coaches

There's a fair share of drama going down on this set!

By OK! team
We won't have to wait for sparks to fly on The Voice, as Sonia Kruger has revealed Boy George loses it in the first episode.
"Right off the blocks, on the first day of filming, George was just fired up," Sonia exclusively tells OK!.
"He storms off at one point – there's a lot that does go on among the coaches this year, that's for sure."
The voice is back - and there's more drama than ever! (Network Nine)
But despite George, 57, being known as a 'diva', Sonia says he has good reason to be upset.
"Without giving too much away, the rules get a little bit bendy," the 53-year-old blonde beauty shares.
"It causes a few issues among the coaches. Someone says something and George takes it totally the wrong way, and that's where it goes a little bit haywire."
Guy Sebastian is replacing Joe Jonas (left) as a coach on the new season of The Voice. (Network Nine)
And it seems the drama is never-ending on-set of The Voice.
Speaking to Now To Love recently, a guest who attended the blind auditions let slip some of the details from behind the scenes, and it definitely isn't as glamorous as it seems.
"As an audience member, you aren't allowed to make any noises or facial expressions because you don't want to give away who the person is," they spilled.
"You're instructed to let them sing a few bars before you start cheering, and every single person has a sob story."
Indeed the filming day itself involves some pretty strict rules: "You can only eat when they tell you do, you can only drink when they tell you and there are allocated toilet breaks as well and only 10 people at a time can go," the source revealed.
WATCH: The Voice contestants bust a move! Story continues after video...
The new season of The Voice will premiere on Sunday 19th May, where a brand new batch of singers will go head to head to have their shot at winning the coveted crown.
And granted the fact the drama has already started before the premiere has aired, we're pretty sure we're in for a good season!

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