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Here's who has been eliminated from The Voice Australia so far!

All the talented voices we've had to say goodbye to.

By Grace Goumas
The Voice Australia 2023 has been full of amazingly talented contestants, we've gotten to know them and we started to root for our favourites.
The unfortunate thing is, that there can only be one winner and we have to say goodbye to more and more contestants.
As of September 24, the competition had cut down its hopeful contestants to reveal the four finalists. The finalists include Ezra (team Jess), Ethan (team Jason), Charlie (team Guy), and Tarryn (team Rita).
Here are all the bittersweet eliminations on The Voice as they happen:

Alex Jeans and Andrew Taylor Knight

Alex Jeans and Andrew Taylor Knight Seven
Guy offered Team Jason's Alex and Andrew along with their battle competitor Callum Warrender a spot in the semi-finals on one condition... they become a trio!
Unfortunately, this didn't go the way Guy had hoped.
Callum responded "The offer is so incredible....but together we have decided that we are singular artists. We believe in ourselves, we believe in our artistry enough separately that one of us still deserves a spot in that Semi-Final."
Callum was put through and Australia had to say goodbye to Alex and Andrew.

Calista Nelmes and Jade Talbot

Jade Talbot unfortunately was eliminated after being put up against competitor Calista Nelmes.
Calista's powerhouse vocals shocked Australia but unfortunately she was eliminated.
She expressed her gratitude for the show after elimination on Instagram: "I can't believe I even turned a chair in the first place...to make it 5/7 rounds in this MAMMOTH competition is beyond comprehension and I'm endlessly grateful for all of you who have followed my journey 😭,"

Robbie Hunt and Shanae Watson

Robbie Hunt and Shanae Watson Seven
Guy had decided to progress Robbie over Shanae Watson despite her "incredible job".
Australia was devastated to see Robbie Hunt be eliminated in the battlegrounds after versing his competitor turned friend Charlie Pittman.
Guy definitely assured fans that it wasn't an easy decision describing Robbie as "someone who has a lot left in the tank to give, someone who legitimately I see will be a stayer and have some level of industry success."
Robbie shared a sweet tribute for his new friend: "My brother! I don't know what to say apart from, you are by far one of the most talented people I know. It was such an honour to be able to share the stage and that moment with you. Core memory for sure!"
"I can't thank you enough for everything you've taught me and how you've helped me grow as an artist and as a person. You are like a big brother to me ❤️."
"I can't wait to see what you do in the next round. Lesh go baby!!! Much love! ❤️"

Etienne Steven

Etienne Steven Seven
Etienne sang the TikTok famous song Ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine but unfortunately, it wasn't enough for coach Jason Derulo to choose her over Ethan Beckton.

Elly Poletti

Elly Poletti Seven
Elly Poletti stunned us all with her amazing performance of I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt

The Bushwackers

The Bushwackers Seven
The Bushwackers shocked everyone when they decided to leave after seeing how distressed Coach Jessica Mauboy was over making a decision on who to send home.
"This show and the challenges to come - we think - are about people just beginning on their career journey, so Roger and I have decided that you need Ezra in your battle team."

Sean Millis

Sean Millis Seven
Coach Jess set up Sean against Shyjana in the call-backs and ultimately he was eliminated.

Michaela Jade

Michaela Jade Seven
Guy Sebastian also made the tough decision to eliminate Micaela, choosing to keep Jaydean Miranda instead.

Ben Esber

Ben Esber Seven
Whilst Rita chose to progress 12-year-old Gezel, Ben Esber was eliminated.

Nick Cunningham

Nick Cunningham Seven
Rita also took Emily Kate to The Battles after her incredible rendition I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton, while Nick Cunningham was eliminated.

Gezel Bardossi

Gezel Bardossi Seven
This 12-year-old Gezel was unfortunately eliminated.

Elsa Marilyn

Elsa Marilyn Seven
Elsa Marilyn first turned four judges chairs but unfortunately Rita decided to eliminate her.

Nyree Huyser

Nyree Huyser Seven
Nyree Huyser showed off her big voice with her performances of 'Bang Bang' and 'Stone Cold' but unfortunately she was eliminated from Team Rita.

Levi X

The 15-year-old singer/saxophonist from North Brisbane was unfortunately eliminated from Team Rita.

Giaan Jordan

Giaan Jordan Seven
Giaan Jordan her duet of 'Hold On' by Justine Bieber unfortunately did not put her through to the next round.


Shyjana Seven
Shyjana like Giaan unfortunately didn't make it to the next round on Team Jess with their duet.

Jade Taunton

Jade Taunton Seven
Her voice shook Australia with its power but unfortunately, she was eliminated from Team Jess.

Dillon Rhodes

Dillon Rhodes Seven
Dillion's duet of 'Feel It Still' with Ezra unfortunately didn't make it to the next round of Team Jess.

Emily Kate

Emily Kate Seven
Unfortunately for Emily, Tarryn Stokes was chosen to be in the finals by Rita.

Bella Mackenzie

Bella Mackenzie Seven
Bella Mackenzie was definitely a fan favourite in Team Guy but unfortunately, she got eliminated in the semi-finals.

Callum Warrender

Callum Warrender Seven
Despite being a top finalist for Team Jason, after a tough call he was sent home.

David Aumua

David Aumua Seven
Another fan favourite on Team Jess was eliminated after she chose to put Ezra through to the final.

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