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The Voice Australia 2019: Denzel the rapper makes a shock confession

The rapper had all four coaches fighting over him after his Blind Audition.

By Helen Vnuk
Melbourne rapper Denzel had the four coaches fighting over him at the Blind Auditions. And yet he might be the first person to appear on The Voice Australia who admits he can't actually sing.
"Man, if I could sing, I would!" he tells TV WEEK with a laugh. "Singing would be dope! I definitely have a lot of praise for singers, the work that goes into it, and the notes they can hit. It's nuts!"
Denzel had all four coaches fighting over him following his Blind Audition. Image: Nine
Denzel, 20, started rapping four years ago, when he was in Year 11. He says it's the songwriting that appeals to him.
"It's more about the writing than it actually is about the sound," he explains.
When he was approached to audition for The Voice, Denzel was working as a model. He says he got into modelling by "pure chance".
"I just happened to be in a club and there was a scout for an agency and he said, 'You should model.' I was like, 'Okay, let's do it.'"
He's modelled for Myer, Target and more, but says rapping is "definitely" more important to him.
"Modelling's not 'Have to do or it or I'll die.' I think it's a crazy industry, a crazy job to have."

As for his comments at the Blind Audition that he wanted to "make a revolution happen", Denzel was talking about changing the way people in Australia view rap. He says rap can be about anyone's daily struggles, including mental health.
"People just say, 'Oh, look at Tupac. Tupac had a gun. Rap is bad.'
"I think the old heads in this country dismiss it too quickly. The fact is, the new generation of kids and the new generation who are going to take over the country, it's what they love to listen to. So I'm trying to show people that rap isn't bad."
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