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EXCLUSIVE: The Voice top four reveal how the competition has changed them heading into the finale

''I feel like I’ve grown 10 years through this.''

By Laura Masia
After four intense weeks of blind auditions and battles, contestants on The Voice 2022 have been dwindled down to a top four.
With judges Guy Sebastian, Jess Mauboy, Keith Urban and Rita Ora each having a mentee going into the finals, the competition is truly heating up.
Keep scrolling to read what each finalist has to say about their time on the show.
Faith came onto The Voice to make her mother Susana proud. (Image: Seven)

Faith Sosene - Team Jess

When TV WEEK first spoke to Faith Sosene after her blind audition, you could hear her nerves on the phone. This time, filled with confidence from making it through to the competition's grand finale, she speaks passionately and assuredly.
"I feel like I've grown 10 years through this experience," Faith, 25, shares. "Even my family have recognised it. My mindset is completely different."
While Faith has always had an incredible voice, she says coach Jessica Mauboy was pivotal in helping her elevate her technique and guiding how she approached the once-in-a-lifetime experience.
"Jess has come from a reality singing show, and explained how she dealt with it as a 16-year-old," she says. "She reminded me to always remember who I am and learn how to separate excitement from anxiety."
Faith came onto The Voice to make her mother Susana proud. And while she was amazed by how far she's come, Susana had been calling the result from the outset.
"She was saying I'd win even before my blind audition," Faith says with a laugh. "She's the strongest hope I've ever had in my life."
"Winning The Voice for 2022 would be such an amazing opportunity." (Image: Seven)

Jordan Tavita - Team Guy

When Jordan Tavita first stood on The Voice Australia stage for his blind audition and watched, in shock, as all four coaches turned their chairs, he was overcome with emotion.
The 23-year-old call-centre worker had always struggled with his self-confidence – so much so, that even making it to the stage was an achievement. But with each round of the competition, his confidence grew.
"I've grown as a person from this experience 100 per cent," Jordan tells TV WEEK, adding that he's still pinching himself he's in the running at all.
"Winning The Voice for 2022 would be such an amazing opportunity," he says.
"Being brown-skinned, I've had to work twice as hard for the things I want. To be able to be up on that stage and, Lord willing, be crowned the winner – I'm filled with emotion just thinking about it."
No matter what, he's incredibly grateful for the experience to learn from his coach, Guy Sebastian."Guy has been a role model, a brother, a teacher," he enthuses. "He's been everything to me in this experience and that's all I could ask for. Honestly, I think he will be there for me after it too."
Thando set out to prove to herself she had what it takes to be a working musician. (Image: Seven)

Thando Sikwila - Team Keith

It's been nine years since Thando Sikwila first auditioned for The Voice Australia. Back then, she was a young musician itching for a chance to show what she could do.
But while Thando made it through the blind auditions, she was eliminated shortly afterwards. It was an experience that shook her.
"I was 20. I hadn't lived a life. I hadn't had much experience as an artist," Zimbabwean-born Thando, now 29, explains.
"I put a lot of pressure on myself and sought to validate myself and my talent by doing the show. When I was eliminated, I felt like I wasn't good enough to pursue a career in music."
That elimination lit a fire in her belly, and Thando set out to prove to herself she had what it takes to be a working musician.
Now, after working tirelessly on her craft, the music teacher hopes she's done enough to win the competition.
"This time around, I didn't unpack my suitcase," she admits.
"I was ready for the journey to end at any point. It helped, because every time I went on stage, I fought for my time up there to have an impact.
"I'm hoping I've done enough to be the last person standing – that would be incredible, especially after the journey I've had to get back on that stage all these years later."
Lachie feels incredibly grateful to her and the friendship he's forged with coach Rita. (Image: Seven)

Lachie Gill - Team Rita

There's something special about the tone of Lachie Gill's voice. As he connects with the music, his raw, raspy vocals take on a vulnerable quality.
His coach Rita Ora knew she'd found a uniquely talented performer. But despite making it through round after round, Lachie wasn't always convinced he was worthy.
"Obviously, you're comparing yourself to the other artists," Lachie, 24, says.
"That was a big thing for me early on – I knew I had a good voice and was a good performer, but I couldn't help questioning whether I was worth being there. That was the hardest thing for me."
While Rita was always in his corner, it wasn't until he made it to the final four that it really sunk in. Now, Lachie feels incredibly grateful to her and the friendship they've forged.
"It's funny at the start, when you're so nervous to talk to them [the famous coaches]," he explains.
"Rita is so down to earth and made me feel so comfortable. By the end, you forget the coaches are a big deal in the music industry – you're just friends."

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