The Voice

The Voice's Sonia Kruger stacks it during the live show and we can't stop watching

The beauty of live TV!

Talk about every TV presenter's worst nightmare! During Sunday night's live show, The Voice host Sonia Kruger accidentally walked into a speaker, tripped and narrowly missed falling flat on her face. And yep, we can't help but laugh.
But ever the professional, Sonia laughed it off and went to rest on judge Boy George's seat saying, "Let me just sit here! Let me just sit here on George's lap."
She went on to say, "Do you know what? I knew that was going to happen! I just knew it. Anyway, as I was saying…"

At least she had her adorable daughter Maggie, 3, to keep her company in the big red chair which she said on Instagram was, "the highlight of my night."
And while we had a good giggle about Sonia's stumble, judge Boy George was quick to jump to her defense. On Monday's edition of The Today Show, he said, "She handled it so brilliantly. Anything could have happened, truly… I'm so glad she didn't break anything."
Bet Sonia's glad too!
Viewers took to Twitter to have a laugh and even Channel Nine joined in on the fun!
Sonia had a bit of another issue later on in the episode when she thought judge Joe Jonas referred to his brother, Nick as "Dick." The host managed to laugh that one off too and cheekily asked Joe, "Is that his nickname?" Nice save.
It's not the first time Sonia has slipped up on live television.
Chatting to TV Week, the Today Extra host admits she still gets nervous when the cameras are rolling and it's not pre-recorded.
"You never know what will happen. But for some reason, I'm better when I know my mistakes will air. People might think that's strange, but it's true."