The Voice

EXCLUSIVE: Sonia Kruger reveals the story behind her glamourous fashion ensembles on The Voice

''It takes six people to build me. I'm the bionic woman now!''

By Alana Mazzoni
While the incredible talents of everyday Australians blows us away on The Voice, it's host Sonia Kruger's glamorous ensembles that also command our attention (and a whole lot of fashion envy!)
In an exclusive interview with Now To Love, Sonia admits the process behind creating her show-stopping looks is a lengthy one.
"It takes a while to get ready. The looks are always a bit extra on The Voice. Every show has its own identity and I think The Voice is like this heightened pop clip," she tells us.
"The looks are always a bit extra on The Voice." (Image: Seven)
"I'm wearing this neon green jacket dress and it's sequined and I said to Natalia my stylist: 'You don't think this is just a bit too much?!' and she's like: 'It's The Voice, Sonia!'"
"It's the closest I'll ever get to being in a video clip so you've got to go for it. It takes six people to build me. I'm the bionic woman now!" she laughs.
While 12-hour back-to-back days on the Channel Seven set can admittedly become "gruelling", Sonia says her hosting gig never feels like work.
"It's a very social kind of day!" she beams.
"When we do the Blind Auditions, it can be a little bit gruelling because there are a lot of people to get through and you've got to speak to all the family and friends and then watch them perform and then talk to them after the fact.
Sonia's ensembles never disappoint! (Image: Seven)
"Over the course of the four days that we shot the Blind Auditions, I calculated I may have met 500 people and trying to remember everybody's name is tricky."
While Sonia's official title may be "host," she also acts as a nurturing support system to the contestants and their nervous loved ones waiting in the wings.
It's through these strong bonds that the in-demand TV personality admits she can't help but have her favourites.
"You ride that wave of them turning chairs and then getting through certain rounds and you can't help but really love certain people either, and everybody has a different favourite," she says.
"I spend most of my time at the side of the stage with family and friends so I feel like I go through that nervous rollercoaster that everybody goes on.
"They walk out and it's so quiet, you can hear a pin drop. It's an eerie feeling... It can be quite devastating when they're [eliminated]."
Sonia says she's incredibly grateful to have a strong support network to help take care of her daughter Maggie, seven, whom she shares with producer television Craig McPherson.
"I have family who can always pick up the slack if I can't get Maggie to school or pick her up after school. I'm luckier than a lot of working parents that have to commute and work," she says.
"I feel like my work comes in blocks so I know to be prepared and organised for that block of time."
Sonia's daughter Maggie sometimes accompanies her to the set of The Voice. (Image: Supplied)
Proving she's the ultimate cool mum, Sonia even brings little Maggie onto the set of The Voice with her.
"I brought her to the filming. Guy [Sebastian's] kids were there, Keith [Urban's] kids were there. So it has become a bit of a family affair for all of us," Sonia gushes.
"When Guy spoke to Maggie he was like: 'Do you like music?' and Maggie was talking about how they do music at school and I said to her afterwards: 'Who's your favourite coach?' and she said: 'Rita!'"
"Guy [Sebastian's] kids were there, Keith [Urban's] kids were there. So it has become a bit of a family affair for all of us." (Image: Instagram)
It seems like Sonia couldn't possibly fit more on her plate, but the ageless 56-year-old always manages to find the time for exercise.
"We can be a bit time-poor so you have to just prioritise it in your day if you can and do it early in the piece before everybody else is up," she says.
The Voice continues on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7