The Voice

Karl Stefanovic's very awkward interview with The Voice's Brock Ashby will make you turn your chair the other way

Boy George, this is so uncomfortable.

By Chloe Lal
Where's the buzzer to abort this chat!?
Karl Stefanovic does know that he's living his best life.
While he may have his dream job, a stunning wife in Jasmine Yarbrough, the 43-year-old feels like there is one thing missing.
Karl Stefanovic wants a body "transformation"... His words, not ours.
The 43-year-old decided to steer an interview with The Voice's newest inductee Brock Ashby in the direction of his hopes.
You can watch the chat in the video above.

Karl was chatting to Brock, who happens to be a personal trainer and a body transformation coach, on the Today show on Wednesday morning.
The 24-year-old scored a spot on the coveted singing show, but it was his tragic tale about his mum's passing that cemented the New Zealander into the nation's heart.
Brock explained that when he's not singing, his work is all about, "transforming people's bodies and changing lives."
Seeing his chance, Karl said, "I'm in need of a bit of transformation!"
Brock, knowing that the competition is tough on the reality show, locked in a very prominent new client, saying, "I'll give you my details."

Asking the tough questions, the 60 minutes reporter, also quizzed Brock about his romantic connections, with the very subtle are you "attached at the moment?"
Co-host and pal Richard Wilkins seemingly scoffed at the question, while Brock's silence alluded to #singlelife.
The 24-year-old did remark, "I'm super focused on The Voice and my career and what I'm trying to do here. If something happens, it happens."

Ultimate wingman Karl, unable to read between the lines, said, "I don't know why you're not (in a relationship). You're delicious looking."
So ladies form an orderly queue because you're in with a chance... and we know Brock can "change your life".
You can see Brock on The Voice as one of Team Kelly's Ultimate Babes.
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