The Voice

Boy George and Kelly Rowland face backlash from Voice fans after explosive fight

Not everyone is loving the theatrics...

By Erin Doyle
The claws were out on Tuesday's episode of The Voice when coaches Boy George and Kelly Rowland were embroiled in a fiery clash as they fought for contestant Madi Krstevski.
All-star Madi had returned for another crack at the crown after being booted from Team Kelly last year and George wasn't letting the Destiny's Child singer forget it.
But some fans weren't impressed with the dramatic scenes as Kelly and George became feisty, waving fingers in each other's face and yelling as they battled it out.
"Not enjoying The Voice as much as before. Too much theatrics from the judges.," one viewer complained.
"Previously I was a voice junky. Even invited fellow junkys for the final over to my home....not this year.
Another vented: " How come Kelly can shake finger at George but he can't to her.....good work picking George Madi."
Echoing the sentiment, another added: "The only judge on the show that doesn't carry on is Guy Sebastian. Best thing they ever did putting him on there."
WATCH: Relive Boy George's epic performance along with last year's Voice star Sheldon Riley. Post continues after video...
Kelly and George went head to head. (Image: Nine Network)
Boy George angrily stormed off set earlier this week. (Image: Nine Network)
But some Voice fans couldn't get enough of the singing show's theatrics.
"Loving this pitch battle between Boy George and Kelly," one fan enthused.
While it's only the first week of The Voice, it's not the only explosive scene Boy George has been involved in.
The Culture Club singer also angrily stormed off set during Daniel Shaw's audition, when the busker told him that "no one cares" about the fact he plays guitar.
"I think after that comment, go with Delta," Boy George told him, before whispering to Delta, "No one cares about playing guitar?! What a weird thing to say."
A producer was forced to intervene, to which Boy George replied, "Don't follow me. I'm annoyed. He turned around to me and said, 'Who cares if I play guitar? That's not cool. I'm not going back".
George eventually did return to the stage in the next episode, admitting he may have had a "diva moment".
Daniel Shaw told Boy George that "no one cares" about the fact he plays guitar. (Image: Nine Network)