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Abbey Green caught the attention of The Voice’s judges through one courageous choice – but can she overcome her nerves?

The audition that left Rita Ora reeling.

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The Voice blind auditions already seem pretty stressful, but can you imagine walking on to that stage knowing you're about to sing one of the coach's own songs?
That's exactly what Abbey Green did tonight, electing to sing Rita Ora's How to be Lonely with Rita sitting in front of her.
The mind-blowing performance had Keith Urban turning his chair first, followed by the other three.
Keith took no chances, blocking Rita from stealing Abbey away. Getty
Rita looked particularly taken with the young singer – until Keith used his block button.
The block button is a relatively new feature that means coaches are able to 'block' each other from enticing a certain singer onto their team.
The button has been played between Guy Sebastian and Jess Mauboy, most noticeably during Bella Taylor Smith's amazing audition.
However, this time it was Keith who saw a risk in Rita, who was not happy to see the block appear.
Keith took no chances, blocking Rita from stealing Abbey away. Channel 7
"I can't even speak to any one of you right now," Rita said to her fellow coaches after the performance.
"Oh, is that what that button does?" Keith asked innocently.
"I was trying to order some food and I thought that was the margarita … oh no, it's Rita. Sorry," he joked.
His move paid off, with Abbey eventually choosing his team.
Abbey is a big fan of horses. Instagram
But who is Abbey Green?
The 23-year-old Victorian admitted to having a lot of issues with her confidence as she walked into the blind auditions, saying "potentially, my nerves could ruin the whole performance."
"It's a really important step for me to even be here to start with, and to just get people to finally hear my voice," she said.
She admitted the song choice was a big risk, but that she was hoping to pull it off to the best of her ability.
Abbey is a multi-talented young woman! Instagram
Abbey has posted a few covers to her Instagram and Youtube accounts, but apart from that, this performance seems to be her big break.
She also posts lots of pictures of her horses and seems to be a very talented horse rider as well.
And with her Youtube covers reflecting a love of women pop singers, it's no wonder she chose to audition with one of Rita Ora's songs.
We can't wait to see how Abbey fares on team Keith!
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