The Masked Singer

Who is Lightning on The Masked Singer Australia? Fans think she's linked to one of the show's past winners!

Could the rumours be true?

By Maddison Leach
Fans of The Masked Singer Australia are convinced they know who is under the Lightning mask, and they say she's connected to one of the show's past winners.
Singer and swimmer Cody Simposon took out the top spot in the first ever season of The Masked Singer Australia a few years back.
Now viewers think lightning may strike twice (pun intended) and say it could be his sister Alli Simpson hiding under this wild getup.
But do the clues really prove that it's Alli singing her heart out on The Masked Singer's stage?
It's time to do some investigating of our own.
We're doing a deep dive into Lightning's appearance on The Masked Singer Australia to figure out who is under the mask!
Who is hiding under the Lightning mask? (Ten)

The clues

There's no denying that some of the clues about Lightning's identity could link to Alli Simpson.
The I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star is also a dancer, singer and model, wihch may tie into the clue: "I dance about everywhere – and I always have. I hit a town and move on."
Other clues include: "Do water and electricity mix? Not usually. But I'm flexible in what I do. After all, you're not 21 forever.
"Although I ran a good race in Rio I got tired of staying in my own lane. No more. Strike while the lightning is hot."
And in one episode she said "Tonight, lightning strikes twice".
If it really is Alli under the mask, could that be a reference to Cody Simpson winning the show in 2019?

The judges' guesses

So who the judges think is hiding under the Lightning mask?
Names like Alessia Cara, Dami Im, Jayne Torvill, Angie Kent, Lucy Lawless, Montaigne, Bronte Campbell and Alessia Cara have all be thrown out, and phew, that's a big list.
The judges can't seem to get a solid read on Lightning, which is surprising given how certain fans are of who it is!
"I am so impressed with you but confused at the same time," Dannii confessed to Lightning last week.
We feel the same way, Dannii!

What does social media say?

Over on social media, most fans are convinced Alli Simpson is the only person who could be under the Lightning mask.
A few people have suggested it could also be Australian actress Tammin Sursok, but their voices have been drowned out by the Alli bandwagon.
Taking to Twitter, viewers shared their theories about how the clues linked Lightning to the young Aussie.
So is Alli Simpson really hiding under the Lightning mask, or do fans have it all wrong?
It looks like we'll just have to keep watching until she's unmasked to find out!
Tune in at 7.30pm every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on Channel 10 or 10Play.

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