The Masked Singer

Who is Dolly on The Masked Singer Australia? Her identity may have already leaked

Fans have known who she allegedly is for weeks.

By Maddison Leach
Dolly has sparked debate among The Masked Singer Australia fans, as many of them are convinced the identity of the celeb under the mask has already leaked.
Before the show even went to air, there were rumours that none other than Em Rusciano had signed on for the latest season.
But is she really hiding under the Dolly mask, or have fans been duped?
Let's investigate all the clues about this singer's identity.
We're doing a deep dive into Vampire's appearance on The Masked Singer Australia to figure out who is under the mask!
Who is hiding under the Dolly mask? (Ten)

The clues

The clues about Dolly's identity could potentially hint at her being TV and radio star Em Rusciano.
Dolly has mentioned being a "young lady", aiming high in life and being famous for "a bit of back and forth".
She also revealed in the first episode: "My dreams aren't what they used to be. I've been through a change and I'm definitely off the leash."
Then, in episode three the singer said: "After missing my dream in Sydney, 2004 was when I made my mark... I've made a career of being in the right place at the right time."
Could that be a reference to Em Rusciano coming ninth on Australian Idol in 2004, then jumping into a radio career? Or was the clue designed to trick fans?

The judges' guesses

Even Urzila is on the Em Rusciano train, guessing she is under the Dolly mask this week!
The other judges don't seem to have the same ideas about Dolly's identity as the show's fans.
After Dolly performed No Scrubs by TLC in episode three, Jackie O guessed it could be singer Meghan Trainor, but Hughesy thought it was actress Jane Seymour.
As for Dannii, she said it could be singer Kimbra under the mask, who is best known for Somebody That I Used To Know, her song with Gotye.

What does social media say?

Heaps of fans are firmly on the "Dolly is Em Rusciano" bandwagon, but a few have yet to be convinced.
Rebel Wilson's name has also been mentioned, with some viewers suggesting the clues could also apply to her.
The Pitch Perfect star has some pipes on her and has recently made headlines for her weight loss journey.
Could that be the big "change" in Dolly's clues? Twitter users simply aren't convinced.
So is Em Rusciano really hiding under the Dolly mask?
It looks like we'll just have to keep watching until she's unmasked to find out!
Tune in at 7.30pm every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on Channel 10 or 10Play.

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