The Masked Singer

Who is Atlantis on The Masked Singer Australia? Fans are convinced they know the answer

But will the judges be able to figure it out?

By Maddison Leach
The Masked Singer Australia is back for 2021 and social media is in overdrive as fans try to guess who is hiding under each mask.
Atlantis has been one of the most hotly debated stars on the show, with fans insisting they know the identity of the celeb behind the colourful costume.
The only problem is they can't actually agree on who is right!
We're doing a deep dive into Atlantis' appearance on The Masked Singer Australia to figure out who is under the mask!
Who is hiding under the Atlantis mask? (Ten)

The clues

Most of Atlantis' clues have been appropriately ocean-themed, but there are a few juicy titbits hiding in the sea references.
There are mentions of the celeb under the mask being "punished" and "rewarded" just for being who they are, as well as the ocean being their "original home".
"I heard the siren of Hollywood many times, but Washington only once," she revealed in another clue.
In episode four she revealed: "Am I Chinese? It would be easy to have that belief. But I wasn't there long. The west was where my ambition led me."
There have also been nods to "danger" in her life and being confused for "a shop girl". What does it all mean??

The judge's guesses

So far, the judges have thrown out some pretty wild guesses about Atlantis' identity, from A-list stars to music legends.
The guesses include: Schapelle Corby, Lindsay Lohan, Lea Michele, Jessica Watson, Stevie Nicks, Daryl Hannah, Bonnie Tyler and Macy Gray.
While some of the picks seem pretty outrageous (we don't think Fleetwood Mac's lead vocalist is hiding under the Atlantis mask) others seem a little more believable.
Fans took a few of the judge's guesses and ran with them on social media, where they've been doing their own sleuthing.

What does social media say?

So what do the fans think? Well, many of them are convinced that it's singer Macy Gray under the Atlantis mask.
The American R&B and soul singer-songwriter is best known for hits like I Try, but she's not the only person fans have in mind.
Other viewers believe it's American-Australian vocalist and former Australian Idol judge, Marcia Hines on stage, while others still think it could be a wildcard like Constance Hall.
So who is actually hiding under the Atlantis mask?
It looks like we'll just have to keep watching until she's unmasked to find out!
Tune in at 7.30pm every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on Channel 10 or 10Play.

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