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All the celebrities rumoured to be competing on The Masked Singer Australia 2023

One celebrity has already been unmasked.

By Emily Sturgess
The Masked Singer Australia returned to screens on September 11 and we cannot wait to discover which celebrities are hiding under each mask.
Abbie Chatfield, Chrissie Swan, and Mel B will return to the judging panel with Dave Hughes to guide the audience along through the whirlwind guessing game.
Previous winners Cody Simpson, Bonnie Anderson, Anastacia and Melody Thornton all blew our socks off with stellar performances.
Masked Singer Australia 2023 judges: Chrissie Swan, Abbie Chatfield, Mel B and Dave Hughes. (Image: Network Ten)
Fans have already taken to popular betting website, Sportsbet to place their bets on which big celebrity could appear in 2023, including Samantha Jade, Courtney Act and Fifi Box.
Continue scrolling to see who was the latest celebrity to be unmasked on The Masked Singer Australia and some contestant clues.
Last year's winner was American singer Melody Thornton, as Mirrorball. (Image: Network Ten)


Meet Orca! (Image: Instagram)
There is a new mask in the singing competition!
The network announced the intruder mask via its Instagram account on October 4. However, no fans have casted their predictions on which celebrity could be hiding underneath the mask.

Crash Test Dummy: The sporting superstar

During The Masked Singer premiere, it was revealed that 'Crash Test Dummy' was none other than Hollywood heart-throb and 90210 star Brian Austin Green.
None of the judges could guess his identity.
Following his unmasking, Brian joked: "You guys aren't cut out for this job!"
The previous guesses for the Crash Test Dummy were Brendan Fevola, Niall Horan and Nick Carter.
It was Brian underneath the mask. (Image: Ten)

Cowgirl: Reality television queen

Get ready for this cowgirl to bellow till the cows come home.
Ever since the teaser video for Cowgirl was released, fans have flooded the comments guessing the celebrity underneath the mask is none other than Courtney Act, Aussie drag queen who starred in season six of Ru Paul's Drag Race.
"Reality television queen? It's our Courtney finally!"
"That is, without a shadow of a doubt, our Courtney. Back home a few weeks ago, that high-pitched voice is pretty unmistakable. That's our reality TV queen right there!"

Bouncer: The Hollywood heartthrob

Bouncer the kangaroo's voice was teased, singing the unofficial Australian anthem... AKA John Farnham's You're The Voice.
Listen to the clip below to see if you agree with the social media comments saying it could be:
"Conrad Sewell!!! Amazing voice omg. Very distinctive, you could tell from the first few notes,"
"I'll eat my hat if that's not @conradofficial," a different user agreed.

Space Fairy: The global singing sensation

On August 27, The Masked Singer Australia took to Instagram to share Space Fairy's teaser video. Fans were clearly divided on which celebrity could be hiding underneath the mask as they made wild guesses.
"Samantha Jade," one commented.
Another fan wrote: "Kelly from Hi-5?"
However, some comments did agree that the mystery singer could be Anne Marie or Tones & I.

Snow Fox: Global superstar

Snow Fox absolutely blew the judges away in the teaser video, with Mel B stating: "This is definitely a global international superstar."
Fans took to the comment section to cast their votes on who the mystery celeb could be, in which a majority believed it to be Amber Riley from Glee.
Meanwhile, other's commented: "Jess Mauboy for sure."
"Indina Menzel," another wrote.

Grim Reaper: A voice of an angel

Be warned, this mask will certainly scare the kids at home. Luckily this Grim Reaper has the voice of an angel...
Do you think it's MIKA (who sings 'Relax Take It Easy') or Australian star Darren Hayes?

Bluebottle: The international hellraiser

The costume expected to "spice up" screens, is slightly transparent...
In one of the teaser videos, eyes and dark hair could be behind the Bluebottle mask with fans stating they believe it to be none other than Dami Inn.
Is Dami Inn underneath the Bluebottle mask? (Image: Ten)

Tiny: The celebrity super dad

While Chrissie Swan may love this costume, this huggable "celebrity super dad" left fans stumped.
Fans flooded the comment section with different answers including Chris Hemsworth, Tommy Little, Sam Wood or Hamish Blake.
Who is the "celebrity super dad?" (Image: Ten)

Bad Avocado: The billion stream powerhouse

The illusive "Bad Avocado" will certainly catch viewers and the panellists off guard.
Ten has described the celebrity underneath the mask as a "rebellious rocker" who is "bad to the core."
No one can guess who the "Bad Avocado" is... (Image: Ten)
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