The Masked Singer

EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk DENIES claims she's the dragonfly on The Masked Singer - but fans are still convinced it's her!

''Every reality show, people think I'm on it.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
The Masked Singer fans are convinced that the star female singer behind the dragonfly costume on the hit reality TV show is none other than Sophie Monk.
"You don't stan Bardot for 20 years and not instantly recognise Sophie Monk's singing voice," one viewer wrote on Twitter, while another said, "Sorry ... am seriously betting my next 16 years worth of salary that the Dragonfly is Sophie Monk on The Masked Singer!"
But when asked straight out by Now To Love if she is indeed the angelic voice of Dragonfly, Sophie denied the claims, calling them "hilarious".
"Every reality show, people think I'm on it. Singing live on stage would be a massive thing for me," she said.
Even Sophie's good friend Jackie O, who is one of the celebrity panellists on the show, is convinced her close pal is behind the mask.
"Jackie O thought it was me too! She asked if it was me. I said 'Do they have to sing live?' and she said yes, and I was like 'Good luck getting me to sing live! I'm not going to wear that thing on my head and sing live!'"
Fans were also convinced that Sophie was behind the unicorn costume during last year's season.
"I got picked last year as the unicorn too!" she said, adding, "It's a great show, super fun to watch."
Sophie says she's not one of the celebrity singers on The Masked Singer. Image: Instagram
Fans are convinced the Dragonfly is Sophie. Image: Channel 10
But the former Bachelorette star does miss music and says she would love to get back to her singing roots soon.
While the 40-year-old has previously ruled out a reunion with her former Bardot bandmates, she hopes to one day release a solo single of her own.
"I do miss music. I love singing and I love music. That's how I started on this industry. But I got burned by the music industry and it just took the love out of it for me," she said.
"So it's about getting that love back. If I did it, I'd do it for the fans and the audience and for fun. There would be no ego in it. The core of me is music, I've just got to get it back."
The 40-year-old star has frozen her eggs and is keen to start a family with her boyfriend Josh. Image: Instagram
For now, she's moved to Sydney from her hometown of the Gold Coast, with her partner of two years, Joshua Gross.
While the couple are constantly bombarded with questions from fans about when they'll get married and have kids, Sophie says she doesn't feel pressure to take those next steps, nor is she bothered by the intense interest in her personal life.
"Nah, I love that people are invested. People care," she said.
"And I've made [our relationship] pretty public. It's only when they say I'm pregnant and I'm not, I've just eaten a lot," she joked.
Sophie, who has endometriosis, froze her eggs two years ago at age 38 and plans to undergo fertility treatment when the couple eventually decide to have kids.
"I personally wish I did it even younger," Sophie said.
"It costs a lot, but if you can afford it, do it. As least you know you've got them. It's a precaution, I'd say.
"I did it while I was working through Love Island [Sophie hosted the program in 2018] and I was fine."
Sophie and Josh have been dating for two years. Image: Instagram
The cute pair regularly post couple snaps of each other on social media. Image: Instagram
Sophie and Josh have been in lockdown together over the past few months, with the pair swapping walking red carpets for nights at home on the couch, cooking together.
Sophie is an ambassador for meal kit delivery service Hello Fresh and is the star of the brand's new Dish The Delish video series, starring celebs like Julia Morris and Pete Helliar.
For a woman whose idea of a flash dinner used to involve pressing a few buttons on her microwave, Sophie says she's come a long way with her cooking skills this year.
"Throughout corona, I had to start ordering Hello Fresh, because I was binge eating. I had to pull my head in. I started ordering that and making it and it's so filling and healthy, but not super diet-y where you're eating kale everyday.
"I've never been able to cook, but now I could legit enter MasterChef. I've got a new kitchen in my new house and I honestly think I'm a chef. I usually cook in the microwave and now I cook with the oven and stove top. I think I'm Michelin star level!"
The Masked Singer airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 7.30pm.
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