The Masked Singer

Osher Gunsberg shares a heartbreaking confession as he isolates amid COVID-19 scare

The husband and father is missing what's most important.

By Jess Pullar
Osher Gunsberg is known for his wit, charm and ease as he hosts a plethora of Aussie shows.
But even the most stoic of us have their wobbles - and Osher has normalised it in the most refreshing way.
After production for one of his most recent hosting gigs, The Masked Singer, was shut down due to a COVID-19 outbreak in the Melbourne-based location, Osher has self-isolated to keep himself, and others safe.
But it's meant taking some tough liberties in order to do so.
Sharing his journey on Instagram this week, the Bachelor host shared a hard reality of his time in quarantine.
"Missing @audreygriffen so much, however I know that my isolation is keeping others safe," he wrote on Instagram alongside an old picture of the pair.
"While it sucks being away from my family, I know that it's to keep everyone in my family, my community, and my country safe."

He ended the post with an important reminder:
"Wash your hands. ⁠Wear a mask. ⁠Keep your distance. ⁠You're most infectious before you show symptoms. ⁠We have to think "we" not "me". "
"You have to think we, not me," Osher wrote. (Insatgram)
Earlier this week, Osher also had to miss a milestone event while he isolated - his baby son Wolf's first birthday.
Taking to Instagram again, he ensured that his son's special day was at the absolute forefront of his mind, writing: "On August 23rd 2019 at 11:07am Audrey, Georgia and I met Wolfgang for the first time. "
He continued to explain the incredible way Audrey held herself through labour: "What I witnessed her do that day was the single greatest feat of physicality, mental strength, focus, determination and triumph that I have ever or will ever see."

"Seeing what she did to bring herself and Wolfie safely into the world - she revealed her light to be as powerful as the Sun."

He ended the lengthy caption with a simple message for his son from (slightly) afar.
"Happy birthday Wolf. Thanks for being in our lives. ⁠You were born into the most interesting time in history in quite a while, thanks for lighting our path as we navigate through it."

Osher went into self-isolation alongside the other hosts from The Masked Singer over the weekend just moments before the taping of the grand finale after several dancers from the show tested positive to COVID19.
"The entire production team, including the masked singers, the host and panellists are now in self-isolation. They are all being monitored closely and are in constant contact with medical authorities," a statement from Channel 10 read at the time.
Luckily, the show has a bank of episodes to air over the coming weeks, though the grand finale remains in question.
"We are doing everything we can to make the last show, we wouldn't want to leave you hanging. Our team have worked SO hard to keep us all safe on set, and as soon as we can figure out how to get back to it - we're on it," Osher explained after the news was announced.
We're sure when all isolation is said and done, and it's perfectly safe to do so, we'll see as grand a return than ever as the Aussie celeb reassumes his rightful place on Aussie screens.