The Masked Singer

EXCLUSIVE: Surprise! Brett Lee just revealed that he and Lana had ANOTHER baby 13 weeks ago

And baby makes five!

By Anita Lyons
International cricket superstar Brett Lee was unveiled as the Parrot on The Masked Singer on Tuesday night, but him appearing on the show wasn't the only surprise we were in for.
In an interview with Now to Love after the unmasking, Brett revealed that he and his wife Lana, had in fact, welcomed a new addition to their family - a baby boy.
The bub is a sibling to Brett's other children, Preston and Helena, and is just 13-weeks-old.
"For me, I'm actually a very private person away from all this," he said, revealing the reason he decided not to announce the birth publicly.
"So, I haven't even told anyone the name."
Brett and his wife, Lana have added a healthy baby boy to their brood! (Source: Getty Images)
The proud father-of-three also shared a hilarious anecdote about another one of his children and spoke about his three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Helena watching him be unmasked on-screen.
"She knows all of the words to What's My Scene," Brett said. "The last couple of months I've been around the house and I've obviously been practising and been really mindful who was in the house when I'm singing the song.
"She knows all of the words and as soon as the song came on [last night], the first chord - she loves music, I play guitar for her all the time - and she knew it straight away. She said: 'That's daddy's song!'
"But she freaked out when the head came off because she thought the parrot had died."
While she may have been just a little traumatised, Helena insisted on watching it again on Wednesday morning.
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Both of Brett's older children love music, with Brett insisting "all households should have a piano". And as for Brett's son Preston, 12, he's following in his father's footsteps more than in one way.
"He actually plays guitar and plays cricket," Brett revealed. "I've never pushed him into anything. I think with having kids, and having three kids now, you've actually got to give them opportunity and my parents never pushed me into cricket, which I thanked them for.
"My parents just gave me opportunities and gave me a chance. My daughter loves music. I pay guitar for them at home all the time and everyone loves it. So it's up to them whether they want to choose to go down that road and pick it up."
Brett's incredible parrot costume! (Source: Network Ten//Getty Images)
If you were keeping an eye on all of the clues, you may have heard the clue: "What I do, others find terrifying."
We asked Brett if this was referring to the world watching him on an International cricket stage, the incredible time he became a Bollywood star or The Masked Singer.
"All of them!" he said. "Well bowling to me came most easiest, because that's what I had done my whole life and that feels most comfortable, but I would definitely put this [The Masked Singer] on par with facing Shoaib Akhtar, who was one of the world's quickest bowlers at the WACA, which is one of the quickest pitches; on par with walking out in front of a large studio audience in a six-foot parrot suit with a poor field of vision.
"It was quite scary."