The Masked Singer

EXCLUSIVE: The Masked Singer Wizard Isaiah Firebrace reveals how he "lost himself" after getting caught up in X Factor fame

''It’s so easy to get caught up.''

By Erin Doyle
The Masked Singer was thrown into chaos earlier this week when a dancer tested positive for COVID-19, which led the show's filming to be immediately suspended.
With the grand finale in turmoil, the stars and crew self-isolating and the cluster count currently at 16, it has been dramatic to say the least.
Fresh from his elimination and unveiling, The Masked Singer contestant Isaiah Firebrace, who was underneath the Wizard costume, reveals what it was like for those involved with the show.
"We were filming the grand finale like we were doing rehearsals and we all went back to our separate dressing rooms and it's all very secretive, no one talks to anyone, we all wear disguises and no one knows who's under the mask," Isaiah explains.
Despite rigorous measures The Masked Singer has suffered a COVID outbreak. (Channel Ten)
"So we all went back to our dressing room and then an hour went past then it was three hours, four hours, five hours and I'm like 'what the heck is happening?'. Then I get a knock at the door and it's one of the producers saying the health department's involved and that there's been positive cases on site and I'm like 'wow!'"
The X Factor winner says he and the other contestants were all told they needed to self-isolate for 14 days – which he is currently in the midst of carrying out.
However Isiah admits as he's Melbourne-based, it's not too different to what his city's inhabitants are required to do anyway and says he's keeping busy by recording music, working from home and chilling out.
He adds: "They handled it really well. Channel Ten and [production company] Warner – everything they were doing in terms of hygiene and social distancing was amazing so it's just really unfortunate. And everyone is in good health who's affected."
The X Factor star was unmasked. (Channel Ten)
Isiah first shot to fame after winning The X Factor in 2016 at just 17 years old and he confesses the aftermath had its highs and lows.
"It was a lot pressure. I enjoyed it of course but looking back now, wow, it's so easy to get caught up and lose yourself," he says.
Isaiah shot to fame after his reality stint. (Getty)
" I'm in a good place now and the time in isolation this year has been great for me to reflect on the past few years and how far I've come, the things that I've done and really ask myself personal questions and who I am as an artist and what I want to do moving forward."
"Basically being thrust into the limelight kind of made me get caught up in things and kind of forget who I am. And I'm proud to say now I know who I am and I'm proud of who I am."
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