The Block

The Block: Tensions and a shock exit push Scotty, Shelley and Keith to breaking point

Police called, a scam exposed and a shock exit on The Block!

From contestants throwing tantrums to dodgy DIY, Keith Schleiger thought he'd seen it all in his time on The Block.
But nothing could have prepared the foreman for an unexpected visit from the police this week – and to add to his stress, fiery contestant Sara walks off the show and threatens to quit in an epic meltdown!
"I lost my s--t," Sara tells Woman's Day. "I was like f--k this, f--k everyone. I wanted to get out of there".
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"Sara and Hayden were only there to win," says Keith. "She's very confident but I don't like what she did".
As for Keith's run-in with the law, he admits it was quite a "shock".
"I didn't know what was going on," he says. "I was worried because it's not a good look for us to have police on site. We don't want any trouble".
While details of the police visit are under wraps, it's likely to involve Jess and Norm, given the pair claimed they'd had their credit card stolen last week after they were accused of spending their budget on barbecue chicken, petrol and fish hooks.
Foremen Dan and Keith intercept the police.
To add to Keith's week from hell, he also catches Carla cheating – and he's furious! "I gave her a stern talking to," he explains.
"Contestants have always tried to bend the rules over the years.
I don't hold any grudges, but to watch the girls use the crane to transport their timber – after I'd told them not to – was annoying."
There's more drama when Courtney and Hans are faced with being kicked off The Block because their winning bathroom is unusable as a result of Jess and Norm's work upstairs.
Privately, Keith admits it's hard to handle.
"The stress hits me and [foreman] Dan as well as the contestants. There's a lot of pressure. We're obligated to the network – we have to deliver. We need to push the contestants to finish each week and it isn't easy. We work really hard," he says.
"Sara and Hayden were only there to win," says Keith. "She's very confident but I don't like what she did".
Another man well aware of the pressures of The Block is host Scotty Cam.
And his stress levels reach boiling point this week, too, when he's left with no option but to intervene and tell all the teams to "pack their bags" because the contestants are in breach of their occupancy certificate while Courtney and Hans' bathroom doesn't function.
Like Keith, Scotty says this year's contestants have caused more of a headache than ever before, with rumours rife he "has it in" for B&B owners Spence and Kerrie.
Privately, Keith admits it's all very hard to handle.
"We had a few issues right from the start. It gets exhausting," he says, adding that unlike the contestants, he doesn't get any time out during the gruelling three-month schedule.
"You've got to be mentally in charge."
And it's not just on the show that the drama has been unfolding.
Host Shelley Craft found herself at the centre of a scam this week.
Host Shelley Craft found herself at the centre of a scam this week.
She was forced to hit back at claims she was leaving the Nine program after a skincare brand falsely reported the news in an online post.
"I'm sorry if anyone has been suckered by this scam, but it has nothing to do with me," the star wrote alongside a screenshot of the post in question.

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