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The Block’s villain Sara threatens to walk out if she doesn’t win

“If we don’t win, I’m walking out”

By Faye James
Monday night saw The Block villain Sara Vale reach melting point as she lashed out at the judges accusing them of 'personally attacking her' after they described her and Hayden's rooms as 'souless' and 'boring'.
And in Tuesday night's episode Sara threatens to walk out if she doesn't win the competition.

The outburst came after the brass bath Sara ordered arrives which she claims is 'her baby' and the reason she and partner Hayden picked the apartment over penthouse.
"This is why we picked the apartment we did. We've blown the budget, but this is our bad boy," boasts Sara.
"I can't wait until the judges see it…our bath has the wow factor. If we don't win, I'm throwing my mic down and walking the f-out."
The Block's Hayden and Sara are so chuffed with their brass bath, Sara claims she'll walk out if it doesn't help them win the competition
And when the brass bath finally arrives, Sara can't contain her excitement.
"This is going to be the most talked about bathroom in Australia, if it isn't I'm out!"
But after all her grandeur Keith is underwhelmed and doesn't seem to like it. Sara's not happy and resorts to attacking the foreman.
'Forget it, you have no taste!' Sara laments.
But her bathroom discussions are put an end when Scotty announces the Blockheads all have to down tools and head to Bendigo for an overnight challenge where they have to makeover a studio for non profit organisation Kids Undercover.
The couples all head out to do their shopping and Sara and Hayden find themselves in a heated argument over money. Having splashed out on the bath, Sara is trying to claw back some of their funds.
Netballers Bianca and Carla can't help but snigger when they see the couple at each other's throats.
"It's only 9am and look at them," they laugh.
It's one of many outbursts the flight attendant has had throughout the season, leaving many to question if the tension is proving too much for the young couple.
The Block's Hayden and Sara have had many outbursts on the show leaving viewers wondering how long they will last
The night before saw Sara in tears as she yelled to the camera: "Why are the judges picking on me, this is f-ed."
"For Neale to say ours looks like it's from the 1980's, c'mon mate, so are your clothes," the mother of one sobbed.
"We put our heart and soul into that room and for him to be completely negative about everything, "I don't go to him and say, c'mon mate, grow your hair!"'
"I'm going mate, I'm f*ing over it. I'm not coming back. This was the biggest mistake of my life," she continued.
While Sara's mood changed substantially when the brass bath arrived, what will happen if the judges don't like it? Will there be an official walk out?

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