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EXCLUSIVE: The Block winners Mitch and Mark declare they’re “the new judges” on the show!

Why they think the show needs a shakeup.

By Woman's Day team
The Block 2021 winners Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie have declared they're ready to step into the judges' seats for the next season of the hit renovation show.
The Sydney couple tell Woman's Day it's time for a new judging panel for 2022, with Mark accusing the current trio – Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer – of being "out of touch with the average Australian".
And after he hinted "maybe some ex-contestants" could take their place, Mitch has said the pair are "absolutely" up for the gig themselves!
"We would do it if they asked," says Mark.
The Block 2021 winners Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie. (Nine)
Now, after their big win, a production source reveals the champs are indeed being eyed up to appear on the next season of the show, which is being filmed in rural Victoria.
"They're fantastic talent and the whole crew love working with them," says an insider.
"They would definitely consider bringing them back in some capacity."
The boys proved they know their stuff when it comes to understanding what The Block buyers want, after they took home $744,444.44 in prize money on auction day, despite being slammed by this year's judges week after week during their three-month reno.
"Despite the judges' scores, Mitch and Mark stuck to their guns and continued styling the house they wanted to create and they won, so maybe they do know more than the judges," says The Block insider.
Grandads Mitch, 59, and Mark, 60, certainly think so!
"When you look at the houses that have won The Block in the last three or four years, they're not the houses that the judges have voted for," Mark tells Woman's Day.
"If you look at the actual results, and that's what we're about – the results – the judges are not good predictors of real estate success, so that's why I say, you need to change up the judging panel!"
Shaynna, 58, is already rumoured to be out, now that she's moved onto her own upcoming Nine series, Country Home Rescue With Shaynna Blaze, while Darren, 44, and 59-year-old Neale's futures with the show are also up in the air.
"Let's transition to a new generation," says Mark.
And The Block producers appear to agree!
"Next year's show has many changes in store," says the production insider. "So who knows what, or who, will remain."

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