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Blockheads at war! Tess and Luke call out Mitch and Mark for cheating

There’s no love lost!

By NW team
It's clear there's no love lost between Blockheads Tess and Luke and their rivals Mitch and Mark.

In fact, Tess tells NW she thinks the men cheated their way to the top by using personal funds to finish their property!
"They used their own personal credit card to buy things when everyone else was told they weren't allowed to," spills Tess.
The Block rules state that no teams can use their own cash flow – but Mitch and Mark insist everything is above board.
"Tess is lying and it's all speculation," says Mark. "We think they're just really having a hard time and lashing out."
Mitch and Mark from The Block have accused Tess and Luke of cheating! (Source: Channel 9)
Last week, drama erupted on set when host Scott Cam told Luke that he and Tess were nearly out of money.
"I'm ready to go," Tess declared. "I want to leave. I want to go. I just think I'm done."
In an interview with TV WEEK, Tess revealed why she she needed to get away from the cameras.
"I was sick of being filmed, I was sick of being made to feel like we weren't doing enough, and I was sick of looking like the poor ones," she says.
"The renovation's hard enough – I don't need to feel like I'm getting picked on the whole time."
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Tess was worried she was going to have a panic attack, as she's had in the past.
"I just went, 'I need a break,' because I could feel like a panic attack coming. I was like, 'I don't need to share that with Australia.'"
In the episode, Tess leaves the site, clearly upset. "This is literally destroying us," she says. "Luke and I f*ing hate each other."
She says she found she and Luke were arguing a lot.
"This show was almost turning us against each other," she says. "We were getting no sleep and we were stressed and were anxious. My marriage is more important to me than making a TV show."
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