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EXCLUSIVE: The Block's Shaynna Blaze versus Scott Cam

There's a shake-up on the horizon and Shaynna is furious!

Days are numbered on set for The Block judges as it's rumoured producers plan to replace them with fresh faces for next season – and Shaynna Blaze is seeing red.
The Block's only female judge has caught wind of the rumours and it's caused a huge rift between her and her co-star Scott Cam.
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For years there have been whispers the show will be given a facelift but now insiders say a "renovation" could be in the works for as early as next season. Secret meetings are being held to secure new talent, all of which The Block fave Scott has been privy to.
Potentially facing the axe is outspoken judge Shaynna, who is furious Scott, someone she considers a close friend, hasn't let her in on the plans.
"Shaynna feels betrayed she's not had a say," says our source. "She's put her heart and soul into the series and feels like she's about to be kicked to the curb and replaced by a new face."
Despite coming to blows last year (Scott called Shaynna a b*tch on TV, but later apologised), the pair have always shared a solid friendship.
"We're very good friends," Scott tells Woman's Day.
"It's a great show to work on, we've got a great team, we've been together for a long time all these seasons… we're all together as a family."
Could Shaynna be facing the axe from the show?
Scott is losing sleep over the proposed shake-up, too.
"He loves the current panel and would love it to stay the same but he also knows some new faces can bring a new energy to the series and lift it," says our source. "He feels really awkward around the other judges now, especially Shaynna, because he's been party to the plans and feels torn. It's been very stressful for him."
For Shaynna, the shake-up comes at a time she's feeling her most vulnerable.
She announced her split from her husband of 18 years Steve Vaughan a few weeks ago and has faced public backlash for her "harsh" critique of this season's rooms.
In the past she's always been able to go to Scott for support but now she feels like there's tension between them.

What's happening for The Block 2019?

Will Ronnie and Georgia be back next year?
Producers are looking at last year's faves Ronnie and Georgia for next season. They have a massive following on social media and viewers have voiced their hopes to have them back.
Insiders say fiesty Georgia would be great as she will speak her mind. They were enlisted for a challenge this season and said it was "an absolute pleasure" being back with their Block family.
Nine is also considering model Elyse Knowles to replace Shelley Craft, who recently hinted to TV Week her future on the show is uncertain.
"I'm not going to hang on beyond my use-by date. If there aren't opportunities in TV for me, then I'll find them in another industry," she revealed.
Elyse's profile has continued to soar since her winning appearance on the show. She's well-placed to co-host.

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