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EXCLUSIVE: The Block’s Sarah & George share their baby joy!

''I think it kind of ignited a little ‘child fire’ inside me.''

When The Block contestant Sarah set out to style her upstairs bedroom on the show this week, the plan was to make a space anyone could use.
She had already ordered wardrobes and carpets and was shopping for a standard-size bed when suddenly everything changed.
"I was going to buy another queen-size bed similar to the bedrooms I had done, but then I spotted a little teepee, treehouse-style bed and thought, 'That is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life!'," Sarah tells TV WEEK.
"Then the bed inspired the wallpaper, that inspired the colour of the quilt, and it just kind of took off from there until we had a little girl's room!"
Sarah found herself inspired by The Block. (Channel Nine)
What also took off was the Sydney schoolteacher's maternal instincts.
The more the room took shape, the more she realised this was exactly the kind of space she'd love for a baby of her own one day.
"I'm not going to lie: I was a little bit clucky when I saw that room at the end," Sarah, who turns 28 this week, says. "I think it kind of ignited a little 'child fire' inside me. I thought, 'I'd love to recreate this for my children.'"
The couple reveal that those children might not be too far away.
"We always had the mindset that this would you be the year we started to try for a family," Sarah says.
"But our plans changed drastically as soon as we found out we were on The Block!"
Sarah and George are one of the show's most fun-loving couples. (Channel Nine)
Selected from more than 45,000 couples who applied to be on the 2020 season of the reality series, Sarah and George quickly established themselves as laid-back and fun, out to enjoy every minute of their The Block experience.
As the series has progressed, that's been mixed with a fierce determination to prove they' re also deserving of their place in the series. It led to tears of frustration when they get close – but not close enough – to a win in several weeks.
The five-week COVID-19 lockdown of The Block gave them time to reflect on how they could change tactics, George said, with a far more determined House Two coming back from the break.
The only downside was that even with new energy, the break meant they had to put their family plans on hold again… and for a lot longer than anyone imagined.
"Three months turned into six months, and then we came back and I wasn't working for almost eight weeks and the time just wasn't right," George, 33, says. "That's heartbreaking, but that's what this is all for."
The couple are planning kids. (Channel Nine)
The new plan for the clucky couple is now to put in every bit of energy they have to producing the best house on The Block, take it to auction and do well enough to start a family.
"This is all for our future family now," George explains.
"I hope that this allows for me not to work six days a week to pay the mortgage, for Sarah not to have to work full time and have to send a child to day care. We want this so we can watch our kids grow up and be with them."
So, if House Two commands a good price on The Block's auction day, the baby plans are back on?
"Exactly!" Sarah says, George adding, "The night they pay me, I'll do it!"

And while the room that started the fire might have been built for a little girl, the couple are quick to say they'd be just as happy with a baby boy.
"Honestly, I don't care if it's a boy or a girl as long as it's healthy and happy and gives us many, many moons of smiling!" George says.
But if it's a boy, is there any chance they'll name him after The Block frontman Scotty Cam?
That one they're not so sure about.
"Yeah…. I'll keep that in mind!" George says with a laugh.

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