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The Block's theft shock: Sara unleashes a tirade of accusations and vulgar language

The Blockhead says she's not the only one with a potty mouth

By Zara Zubeidi
Anyone anywhere near St Kilda has probably heard "Cyclone Sara" in full roar without watching this year's The Block.
Still reeling from her showdown with Bianca, Sara is on the warpath once again this week − but this time Hans is first in the firing line.
Their spat comes in the second week of the challenge apartment when Hans refuses to help Sara transport her share of plasterboard.
"You'd think that being a pilot, he'd know all about teamwork, but clearly he doesn't," the 31-year-old angrily tells the camera.
Hubby Hayden, 45, agrees. "We've done Courtney and Hans a lot of favours, so we didn't expect him to act like that over the plasterboard," he tells TV WEEK.
A furious Sara turns the air blue.
But Hans, 37, isn't backing down, saying Hayden hasn't been pulling his weight when it comes to helping.
"It's ridiculous," he says.
"You can't go through life expecting everything and not putting something back."
The feud escalates until no-nonsense foreman Keith is forced to step in.
"I felt like a babysitter," he says.
"It's not easy to deal with everyone's emotions, but you're better off remaining calm so we can all work together."
Foreman Keith has to step in to calm things down.
The atmosphere becomes more tense when Sara and Hayden's timber order goes missing. Sara accuses Spence of stealing their materials, which he denies.
She then gets caught up in a heated argument with Keith. And fellow foreman Dan cops it too.
"I don't give a f* − I'm over it," Sara snaps when Dan points out yet another error in their hallway.
By this point, Keith has had more than enough.
"It wasn't appropriate," he says. "It often gets too much for contestants, but there's no need to explode like that.
"Sara's the fieriest contestant ever. She was relentless, and didn't handle it well. I don't think she and Hayden gelled as a team. She's come across badly on TV, but she has no-one to blame but herself."
Sara has been labelled the fieriest contestant of all time.
Hans is no fan of Sara's behaviour either.
"You can't use tantrums and yelling to get your way, he tells TV WEEK.
"You'll eventually come unstuck and have no-one left to yell at."
For her part, Sara has no qualms about how she's behaved.
"Kerrie had a worse potty mouth, but you don't see any of that," Sara says.
"I don't regret it. I stood my ground, I've been knocked down a number of times and stood up for myself. I tell it how it is."
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