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The Block’s Hayden and Sara reveal wedding shock

They had a fling!

The Block villains Hayden and Sara have had their fair share of fighting onscreen, leaving viewers to ponder their relationship status.
On Tuesday the newlywed couple spoke openly about the time they had to ban certain friends from their wedding.
"[The person banned from our wedding] was probably his friend Kelly and the only reason was because in the past they had a fling," Sara confessed to Kyle and Jackie O on their radio show, adding that the woman showed up anyway.
The Block's Hayden and Sara reveal their wedding shock
But Hayden was quick to pipe in: "Sara had someone there that she had a fling with as well!"
He also added that he really wanted his ex at his wedding. "I wanted her there, that's for sure. She was a really great friend of mine!"
Sara, who has already come under fire for her styling more than once in the competition, has in the past complained that her husband is stubborn and has said, "You can't argue with stupid."
The Block's Sara has often complained her husband Hayden is "stubborn".
At one point in the show she has even stuck her middle finger up at Hayden as he walked off, and told her husband to "shut up" because he's annoying her.
But Sara reveals the couple's constant squabbling on the show is nothing compared to what they're like at home.
"At home we fight all the time. This is good compared to home!" the mum-of-one says.
"We went in there completely real, we weren't going to change our personalities," she says.
"The Block is one big pressure cooker," Sarah reveals
"The Block is one big pressure cooker, but if your relationship can survive it, it can survive anything."
The couple's volatile behaviour certainly hasn't gone unnoticed with viewers.
It's already rubbed fans up the wrong way, with one commenting, "Hands up if you can't stand Sara and Hayden!" on Twitter.
"I can already tell you that I think Sara is annoying," added another.

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